• Lode Angio imaging - with stress support ultrasound

Optimal ergonomic position for echo-operator during active imaging

Exercise Table for Ultrasound, with electrical adjustable slope (transversal, 45º) for an optimal position of the heart in echo research. Due to a removable part of the back support, a better view of the heart from the back side is possible. The minimum distance to the floor, the adjustable shoulder and hip support together with the adjustability of the Angio imaging ergometer provide an optimal feeling of comfort during exercise for the test subject. The research can be done in a sitting position next to the test subject. The stress support for Ultrasound can be used for other cardiologic exercise research in laying or sitting position as well.

The Angio imaging is an ergometer that can be used for both arm and supine ergometry. Its compact design makes it universally applicable for ergometric studies in those sectors in which standard ergometry cannot be used. The Angio operates independent of pedaling speed in the range of 7 - 1000 watt. The Angio imaging is standard supplied with a communication module and can therefor be easily controlled by all known stress ECG and pulmonary devices in the world. The workload, rpm and time can be readout from the 7" colour display. The ergometer is equipped with pedal shoes. 

Comfortable bed for the Patient

- soft bed
- easy step up
- bedcover roll included
- headrests
- handgrips


The ergometer can be used in various ergometry settings, enabling a multifunctional deployment.

Reliable and reproducible stress tests

The experience of professionals who calibrate many ergometers showed that the Lode ergometers are the most reliable across the complete workload and rpm range and still within specifications even after many years of intensive use.

Exercise instead of medicine

When a test subject is able to do exercise, it is always recommended above pharmacologic stress. It allows objective measurement in either level of cardiac conditioning and/or level of cardiac work. It is safe and perfectly reproducible.

High standards

Lode is a socially and environmentally responsible company. All Lode products are RoHS/WEE compliant and Lode is ISO 9001:2003, ISO 13485:2008 and FDA 510K certified. All medical products comply to MDD 93/42/EEC, incl. IEC 60601-1.

Lode Angio imaging - with stress support ultrasound

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Lode Angio imaging - with stress support ultrasound

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