Woodway 4Front Replacement Safety Magnet with Lanyard

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Woodway 4Front Safety Magnet with Lanyard

Woodway treadmills are equipped with different safety equipment depending on model and design. When needed, they serve to prevent dangerous situations and reduce the risk of injury to a minimum. All treadmills are supplied with a Magnetic Safety lanyard; when the Magnet is removed from the Contact Surface, an interruption of the power supply will initiate an Emergency Stop.

The safety magnet is secured to the runner’s clothing by a clip on a lanyard/pull-cord. It should be fixed to a tight piece of clothing (e.g. waistband). The Safety Magnet can also be used to immobilize the treadmill and prevent a third party from using the device. To prevent the use of the treadmill, for example when not supervised, the safety magnet with pull-cord can be stored in a safe place and the treadmill cannot be put into operation.


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