Calibration Gas

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Calibration Gas 

Calibration gas is a specially prepared gas mixture used to calibrate gas analysers. At Cranlea we offer several instruments that require periodic gas calibration. These include the Cortex MetaLyzer, Cortex MetaMax, Cortex MetaControl 3000 and Servomex 5200.

Our Calibration Gas is intended to be used with our on Demand Regulator.

Calibration Gas components and characteristics

Calibration gases are composed of a balance gas (like nitrogen) and one or more target gases in specific concentrations. The concentrations of target gases in calibration mixtures are precisely controlled to meet the requirements of the calibration process.

Traceability and Certification

Calibration gases must be traceable to national or international standards to ensure accuracy and reliability. Our Calibration gas is supplied with a certificates of analysis (CoA) that provides detailed information about the gas mixture, including the concentration of each component and the uncertainty associated with the measurements.

Storage and Handling

Proper storage and handling are crucial to maintaining the integrity of the gas mixture and to ensure safety. The cylinder should be stored in a horizontal position, and if conditions have been cold it should be rolled before use to ensure that the contents are thoroughly mixed.

Which Calibration Gas do I need?

The Calibration Gas cylinders provided by Cranlea Human Performance are used to calibrate gas analysers manufactured by Cortex and Servomex. The calibration process for each device differs slightly. If you are unsure about the correct way to calibrate your device, please contact our Service Team who will be able to talk you through the correct procedure.

5% CO2, 15% O2, (balanced Nitrogen)

The 5% CO2, 15% O2 Calibration Gas cylinder is to be used as part of the (Gas 2) calibration process of all Cortex Metabolic devices.

100% Nitrogen

The 100% Nitrogen Calibration Gas cylinder is for the Low Gas calibration all Servomex Gas Analysers. It is not to be used with any Cortex devices.

8% CO2, 20% O2 (balanced Nitrogen)

The 8% CO2, 20% O2 Calibration Gas cylinder is for the High Gas calibration all Servomex Gas Analysers. It is not to be used with any Cortex devices.

Before you start

Before using your new calibration gas with your gas analyser, please enter the correct certified gas concentration values into the device or software relevant to your application*. Each new batch of calibration gas will contain a very slight change in the concentration of gas from a previous batch. In order to maintain optimum performance of you gas analyser the target gas should match the certified value.

*Not required for Low calibration of Servomex devices.

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