Headgear for Hans Rudolph 7450 Mask – Essential

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Headgear for Hans Rudolph 7450 Mask 

Please make sure you select the correct sizes for the mask you are using as they vary:

  • Small (to fit Extra small and Petite Masks)
  • Medium (to fit Small and Medium Masks)
  • Large (to fit Large Masks)

Should you require the strap clips only, these are sold separately.

Hans Rudolph 7450 Mask Headgear Fitting Guide

  • The Headgear for Hans Rudolph 7450 Mask  is designed to be fitted so that the larger of the two holes is on the crown of the head.
  • Attach the two uppermost clips of the Headgear to the mask.
  • Place the mask onto your patients face.
  • Ask you patient to hold the mask onto their face and position the Headgear over their head.
  • Attach two bottommost clips of the Headgear to the Hans Rudolph 7450 Mask.
  • Tighten Headgear straps evenly onto the patients head to create a positive seal. The uppermost straps should be slightly tighter than the bottom straps.

The Hans Rudolph Story

During the early 1930s Mr. Hans Rudolph designed and built what were possibly the first Respiratory Valves specifically for use in Pulmonary Function Studies with humans and animals. In 1960 Hans and John Rudolph formed and incorporated Hans Rudolph, inc. as it continues to exist today.

Hans Rudolph, inc. is a leading designer and manufacturer of respiratory valves and other respiratory products in the world today. Their innovative research and development is helping bring the field of Respiratory Healthcare into the twenty-first century.

Dedicated UK Support team

Cranlea Human Performance Ltd have been a Hans Rudolph distributor for over 30 years. Our support team are on hand to help you get the right component or accessory for your application.


Manual Cleaning (Headgear):

  1. Submerge Headgear for Hans Rudolph 7450 Mask in warm soapy tap water; gently rub all areas.
  2. Rinse in clean tap water for 1 minute or until all soap is removed; air dry.
  3. Precaution: Do not use bleach, chlorine or alcohol based solutions to clean mask or headgear. These solutions can damage components. Direct sunlight exposure
    on mask and headgear components can cause deterioration and reduce product life.

Headgear for Hans Rudolph 7450 Mask Service Life

Mask, mask adapter and headgear when maintained and reprocessed per these instructions are expected to stay in service for 25 disinfection or sterilisation cycles
and the headgear 25 cleaning cycles. Visual inspection of the components during reprocessing will identify any defects. If defects are identified dispose of and do not


  1. Components should be completely dry prior to storage in a sealed poly bag
  2. Label poly bag with disinfection/clean status, mask description, date and initials.

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