Cortex Triple V Housing

£326.40 inc VAT (£272.00 + VAT)

Replacement Triple V Housing

This is a replacement housing for the Triple V turbine, holds the Opto-Electronics in place and forms part of Cortex’s sterilisable volume sensor. Sold individually with new sample line bung, used when performing a volume calibration.

Triple V Housing

Should I buy a spare?

The Triple V Housing’s are robust and will take being accidentally dropped. However, it is often useful to have a spare turbine housing and Triple V Turbine with sieve for times when testing is booked back to back, with little time to sterilise between tests/appointments.

Triple Turbine with sieve, Opto-electronics and mask adapter sold separately.


After each test, the mask, mask adapter and electronics housing must be thoroughly cleaned and then disinfected. Mask and mask adapter do not have to be separated.

Remove the opto-electronics for cleaning, if using the disposable option then discard of the turbine. With the opto-electronics aside, place the remaining parts into a sterilising solution. We recommend you do not leave the components in the solution for any longer that 5 minutes.

The system components must be cleaned as well as disinfected, otherwise encapsulation of protein residues can occur, which can lead to pathogens being transmitted.

Dedicated UK Support team

Cortex is located in Leipzig, Germany and have been represented in the UK & Ireland by Cranlea Human Performance Ltd since 1992. Cranlea Human Performance Ltd have a wealth of experience in various market sectors, helping provide customers with truly usable data that drives performance, fitness and health. Our support team are on hand to help you get the most from your device and answer any queries along the way. Contact us here.

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