Remanufacturing and value added modifications

Sports performance and health and fitness have been at the heart of Cranlea Human Performance for more than 50 years. Every client comes to us with different individual requirements but a shared overall ambition - to be the best they’re capable of being. Throughout our existence we’ve specialised in sourcing the equipment that can help to make that ambition a reality; equipment like the Woodway Curve Treadmill, a fully manual version of the traditional treadmill which runs off the power and determination of the person using it rather than electricity.

Finding, stocking and selling the best equipment is one thing, but we go further, offering a program of remanufacturing which means each and every Woodway Treadmill we provide is always operating at maximum efficiency. The innovative design and operation of the Woodway - the fact that it offers total control and movement which is virtually frictionless - means that it can only truly deliver when it’s in the very best condition, with every moving component playing its part. Other suppliers may refurbish or service the equipment they sell, but remanufacturing takes this concept to another level entirely. Our engineers combine expertise with years of experience and a knowledge of the products in question which is unrivalled. They know how every piece of every Woodway Treadmill should operate for maximum efficiency, which means they know when it needs to be replaced, repaired or modified.

Remanufacturing a Woodway Treadmill means stripping it down, analysing every component and putting it all back together again, having optimised the performance of each and every part of the mechanism. The treadmills themselves will be degreased and then re-greased to ensure the smoothest possible motion, components such as the actual running surface itself, the drive belt, the axles, the 112 bearings and the feet will be inspected and replaced if need be and the Woodway Treadmill which emerges from the process will be a virtually brand new piece of equipment, optimised to deliver factory fresh levels of performance. To underline the ‘better than new’ promise of the process, the outside of the treadmill will be deep cleaned and the functionality of the display tested.

The Woodway Treadmill is an innovative piece of equipment and, like everything we supply, is the very best in its field. Remanufacturing is how we make sure that it carries on delivering the very best for our customers month after month, session after session, mile after mile. We make the same promise across our range of equipment, meaning that customers who buy the best can be certain that they’ll always be using the best.