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The Compact Cool can automatically chill to all the temperatures required small baths up to 500 L. It can be used with any of the inflatable ICEPRO RANGE pools or even your own bath.
To our industry leading user interface we have added the ONE TOUCH GO fully automatic start up. Set the temperature, touch the START button and the built in intelligence does all the rest! It will run the entire start up sequence on its own and will find & correct some common set up mistakes for you. The screen looks & works just like your smart phone.
Remote control is also available from smart phones, tablets & computers.

Easy Set Up & Connection
The Compact Cool comes with:
10 inch Full HD Capacitive Touch Screen
complete hose set (light, strong & flexible hoses even near freezing temperatures)
water circulation pump (Davey pump or speed controllable Marlin ECO6000 pump that can be safely used with pool chemicals and underwater if your bath has no fittings)
accessories & connectors (fittings sized according to where they connect for easy identification & set up + quick snap water connectors very easy to use )
owner’s manual
Each unit only requires a standard electricity outlet and is available in two models: 110v and 220v, to suit the electricity supply in any country. Make sure to select your desired voltage before ordering.

High Quality Components
It takes a lot of cooling power to cool water to low temperatures. Only iCool has managed to build all that power into such a compact rugged easily transportable machine without compromise.
Our powerful refrigeration systems use compressor engines made by the world’s leading brands, either Panasonic or Mitsubishi. Premium grade copper tubing is used for the refrigeration system.
Our advanced electronics are manufactured by iCool in Australia to industrial standards & are fully protected in a separate sealed box.
Our heat exchangers are made from pure titanium so you can safely use normal pool chemicals and salt.
The main chassis is constructed on a strong marine grade aluminium with durable polymer wheels & stainless steel handles.

Cold is your friend and breathing is the key. Used together, they can radically improve your life

Before you dive into the world of ice baths, your body needs to learn to adapt to the cold.

It’s a science that begins and ends with the breath. At first, your cardiovascular system may react to the ice-cold water by causing you to breathe erratically. As you slowly increase your tolerance to cold water, you will be able to exert control over your breath’s rhythm, and thus, increase the benefits of cold water immersion (CWI).
Going into the cold also helps to stimulate the chemicals in our brain that dictate the way we feel, our focus and attention. That’s why cold water immersion is such an important component to naturally and effectively create balance and increase the levels of neurotransmitters like norepinephrine and feel-good serotonin.
Cold water immersion (CWI) can trigger a floodgate of mood-enhancing chemicals in the brain by awaking a natural ‘fight-or-flight’ response. This response to ‘environmental stress’ works by conditioning the brain to cope better with the stressors of everyday life. It also decreases the production of inflammatory cytokines which are linked to anxiety and depression.

Remote Screen Version
All iCool Compact Models are available in a remote controlled version with a 13 inch colour touch panel.
The remote screen can be wall mounted and is ideal if your Compact machine is not in the same area as your pool.
It can be installed with a connecting cable or it can be set up to operate wirelessly over WiFi.

Optional Travel Hard Case
With experienced design engineers and a team of dedicated experts, we have designed a Compact Travel Case to offer you peace of mind during transport. Eliminate damage t & store your Compact with this hard case made to military standards.
New effective modular design with the best combination of materials and military grade custom-cut foam to protect your equipment and its accessories. Extend the life of your unit & avoid any rust or dents thanks to the UV stabilised polyethylene materials.
Create Your Own Recovery Centre at Home
There are many ways to create an ice bath at home. By either using large amounts of ice, which is often impractical and expensive, or by simply using the unique innovative refrigeration technology contained in all iCool systems. Simply connect any Compact unit to your own bath and you will have a reliable, repeatable and temperature controlled ice bath anywhere you want.

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iCool Compact Cool

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