• iCool iSprint

Designed for single person lower body immersion

The latest version of our original classic the iBody inflatable pool. We call it the iSprint.

iCool invented the technology that made inflatable Icebaths a practical reality back in the early 2000s.

The world standard in mobile ice baths for more than 15 years.

Our iCool inflatable pools are the best selling mobile ice bath in the world and used in more than 50 countries.


Portable - Practical - Comfortable - Durable.

Designed to perfectly meet the requirements of cyclists, long distance runners and triathletes for fast uncomplicated leg muscle and lower body recovery, anywhere anytime. Light to carry, quick to set up and fast to cool using any size iCool chiller or even just ice.

It has been well established by sports scientists that immersing legs in an ice bath immediately following a race or hard training is enormously effective in preventing next day aches and pains and speeding the recovery of overstressed soft tissues, muscle cells and ligaments.

It can be even more effective if it is followed by a warm bath or shower and then repeated.


Ultimate Flexibility

The iSprint is so portable and easily carried that it makes it possible to quickly set up ice bath recovery sessions almost anywhere the race or training session takes place.

That’s the whole point, the sooner your legs are in the ice water the more effective the treatment.

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iCool iSprint

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