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eMotion EMG is fully automatic system for quick low back muscle testing, biofeedback and free-mode measurements.

Back muscle endurance and its effects have been studied intensively for over 45 years. New eMotion EMG system takes advantage of all this knowledge and makes assessment of back muscles fast, convenient and accurate.

Low Back Test
Low Back Test is very fast to do: test itself takes only 60 seconds and result printout is produced in a few seconds. Low back test of eMotion EMG is a fully automated measurement of back muscle function during isometric test (Sorensen test). Test gives an accurate measure of endurance of each muscle, balance between muscle groups, and estimation of injury risk to assist muscle re-education.

Main outcomes of Low back test:

  • Endurance of each muscle group
  • Balance between left and right side
  • Balance between erector spinae and multifidus muscles
  • Weakest link of muscles
  • Improvements between test sessions
  • Injury risk assessment


There is also free mode in the software that enables any kind of EMG measurements.

eMotion EMG users in the USA please note:
Caution – For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures. Device may be used for non-clinical laboratory research.

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Mega eMotion EMG

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