The most important innovations at a glance:

Bluetooth replaces the serial connector

The new METALYZER 3B R3 can now simply get connected to a computer by Bluetooth or USB. There is no need for a cable or an USB/serial adapter anymore.

Stable connector / No mixing-up

Due to a new push pull connector the connecting of the volume sensor cable is very easy. The connector has color and mechanical codes to ensure that it will be connected precisely. The new design prevents damage of the contact pins and the special locking mechanism guarantees reliable cable connections.

More comfort in heart rate measurement

The integrated Bluetooth SMART technology enables the save connection of the METALYZER 3B to wireless heart rate measure devices like the Polar H7 belt. This system excels with very high data transmission range, which leads to more comfortable and stable connections.

Operating displays for Bluetooth and heart rate signals

The new METALYZER 3B R3 has operating LED displays for Bluetooth and heart rate signals. You get always a visual feedback about the status of all wireless connections. 

Technological advance, coming from the inside

Besides visible improvements all integrated components underwent an intensive revision to optimize reliability, stability and sustainability.

Cortex MetaLyzer 3B-R3 Specification

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Cortex MetaLyzer 3B-R3

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