Analox GL5 Multi Assay Analyser

£9,060.00 inc VAT (£7,550.00 + VAT)

The Analox GL5 Multi Assay Analyser

Can be used in Clinical & Research applications for a range of our direct enzymatic-rate chemistries in one compact instrument.

For a relatively small additional capital cost over the Analox range of single parameter analysers the GL5 comes pre-programed for Glucose, Lactate, Cholesterol and Alcohol plus one spare channel which can be used to run other Analox single-point-calibration oxidase chemistries.


  • Diabetes monitoring & research
  • Clinical pathology
  • Alcoholism research
  • Sport science/Exercise physiology
  • Routine biochemistry


After calibration with a standard of the selected metabolite, the single injection of sample is all that is needed to obtain a result and prepare the analyser for the next analysis.

Sample injection via an accurate positive displacement pipette triggers the complete analytical cycle and a hard-copy result is printed within 20 seconds.

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