Bodystat 1500MDD Touch Screen

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Bodystat 1500MDD Touch screen

Working with Weight loss Professionals

The Bodystat 1500MDD offers accurate Body Composition assessment, early cardiovascular risk detection, as well as being the perfect weight management tool for fitness and health professionals. Simple to use, the 1500MDD has been created to complement the work of the weight loss and weight management professional.


  • Early Detection and Prevention
  • Wellness Marker
  • Advanced Nutritional Analysis

Who are Bodystat?

For over 30 years, Bodystat have been producing medical devices and software that utilise bioimpedance technology in the measurement of core cellular health to the critical acclaim of clinical physicians and international research institutions. Bodystat are dedicated to researching bioelectrical impedance technology to provide the best, most advanced electronics that accurately measure body composition and hydration within the human body, non-invasively.

Bodystat offer the latest advancements in medical science, an accuracy that is validated and a warm family service worldwide. Progress with purpose: For medical. For research. For fitness. For you.

Our relationship with Bodystat

Cranlea Human Performance have been working with the Bodystat team in the Isle of Man for over 20 years, helping delivering their vision to customers. Delivering Truly usable data that drives Performance, Fitness and Health.

Bodystat 1500MDD Touch Screen 

The Bodystat 1500MDD is a more advanced version of the popular Bodystat 1500. The MDD is perfect for Dietitians and Nutritionists ad it has added features such as cellular health and nutritional status monitoring. Although it is not a diagnostic device, the Bodystat MDD provided early detection for Cellular disease or illness within the body.

– Early Detection of Cellular Health Issues

– Detection of potential underlying disease

– Detection of Muscle Wasting

– Changes in Health Status

– Malnutrition, including the clinically obese

Wellness Marker

By monitoring an individual’s unique Wellness Marker, it may be possible to detect the advent of a potentially serious medical condition. The objective of Bodystat’s Wellness Marker is to provide Health Professionals with a tool for early detection of cellular change, before it becomes clinically obvious. Healthy individuals with good cellular status tend to have a lower Wellness Marker, while the unhealthy have have higher values. The lower the Marker, the healthier and more hydrated the body cells, the higher the Marker, the less healthy the individual is.

What’s included?

– Bodystat 1500MDD Analyser

– Bodystat Leads

– Calibrator Checker

– Carry Case

– Bodystat Electrodes

– User Manual

Warranty & Support

The Bodystat 1500MDD is covered by a 12 month parts and labour warranty on a return to factory basis.


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