Cloud 9 Altitude Generator

£2,700.00 inc VAT (£2,250.00 + VAT)

The Cloud 9 Altitude Generator (Patent Pending)


  • Adjustable oxygen content between (typically) 15.0% O2 [2,700m] and 13.5% O2 [3,530m]
  • Maximum flow 90 lpm
  • ‘Recovery’ output of >40% O2 at 10 lpm with an included nasal cannula
  • Audible alarms for loss of mains power, low pressure, high pressure, high temperature
  • 230v, 500w power consumption
  • Low noise and with easy to move castors
  • Weight 27kg

Requires ‘Generator Connection Kit’ – supplied separately


Cloud 9 Altitude Generator

The Cloud 9 is a breakthrough in the sports and fitness world that delivers affordable altitude training in a package with many benefits. The Patented Cloud 9 is the heart of individual altitude training and produces adjustable ‘altitude air’ that can be fed to an altitude mask system or an altitude sleep tent.


The Cloud 9 from Sporting Edge provides the most cost effective and innovative form for an individual to up their game by means of altitude training. At sometimes half the cost of competing altitude generators, that work on a method developed many years ago the Cloud 9 breaks new ground with design, price point, ease of use and end user support. A pulse oximeter now comes as standard with the Cloud 9, giving the user the opportunity to measure blood saturation (effect of altitude training) and heart rate whilst training on ‘Altitude Air’. This provides a measurable way to monitor performance and adjust the altitude from the Cloud 9 to influence the end effect.



Sporting Edge UK LTD was formed in 2005 by David Vincent, the current Managing Director, following discussions with the top training organisation in England – the English Institute of Sport.
The talks highlighted the performance shortcomings in the technology, power and control of existing altitude training systems and the need for a more professional and engineered approach.

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