Cortex MetaSwim

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Cortex MetaSwim

Swim Option for METAMAX® 3B

Benefit from the performance diagnostics through spiroergometry also in swimming. With the specially developed Swim Option for METAMAX® 3B, CORTEX enables exact performance physiological examinations even in water.

The highlights:

  • Suitable for a flow channel, pool and open water
  • Ergonomically designed special snorkels for freestyle and backstroke swimming with an integrated saliva suction device and splash-water protection
  • Integrated heart rate module with 5 kHz technology under water and Bluetooth® communication over water
  • Waterproof, shockproof transport case
  • 12-hour operating time using battery option

Standard Package

  •     MetaSwim system unit
  •     Snorkel Assembly (4x freestyle/breast and backstroke)
  •     Calibration Kit for METASWIM
  •     Hygiene Kit for METASWIM
  •     METASWIM heart rate
  •     METASWIM retrieving unit
  •     METASWIM wire basket
  •     Tube-in-Tube gas sample line
  •     Saliva removal line protection filter from moisture for gas sample line
  •     CORTEX Fast Charger
  •     Jar Drierite Drying Salt
  •     Funnel for Drierite Drying Salt
  •     User manual


Onshore Kit comprising of:

  • External Power Supply
  • Data Cable
  • Sample Line (2m)
  • Facemasks (S,M) + adapters

The onshore kit allows you to use your MetaSwim as a laboratory device.

MetaSoft Studio options:

  • Spirometry
  • Energy Metabolism
  • Performance Assessment
  • Exercise Scheduler

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