Equivital EQ02 Life Monitor

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Equivital EQ02 Life Monitor

World-class physiological data monitoring

The Equivital EQ02 LifeMonitor is ideal for monitoring human physiology across a wide range of applications including sports and exercise research, clinical trials, biofeedback, CBRN and military training and deployment. It measures clinical grade cardiorespiratory, temperature and activity data from mobile people. Data is stored on the sensor and can be transmitted wirelessly for viewing on a mobile phone or computer.

How it works

The Equivital EQ02 LifeMonitor comprises 2 elements; the Sensor Belt and the Sensor Electronics Module (SEM). The sensor belt features low profile sensors embedded into a biocompatible fabric. The SEM docks into a cradle on the left hand side of the sensor belt where it processes, stores and transmits physiological data.

Real time data transmission

Data can be transmitted in real time from the SEM, via Class 1 Bluetooth, to a mobile phone or computer, for viewing and analysis.

Why Equivital?

Every day, in some of the most extreme conditions, we help people push the boundaries of human understanding. From the edge of space to the heart of a warzone, our clinical-grade wearable technology and solutions can capture, manage and analyse real-time mobile human data. We help you to understand the body’s behaviour, make smarter decisions and keep people safe.

Unparalleled physiological data insights

Over the last 10 years we have worked with customers across the globe to refine and enhance our products. We continuously innovate to create new solutions based on the needs of the market, allowing users more opportunity to make a difference.


The Sensor Electronics Module (SEM)

The SEM slots into the low profile belt cradle and its LEDs, visible when worn on body, provide status information including transmission, power and external sensor connections. It has a rechargeable Li Polymer battery which takes approximately an hour to reach full capacity (up to 48 hours run time). The SEM includes a medical grade infrared thermometer and tri-axis accelerometer.

Multiparameter data

Monitoring of heart rate, breathing rate, skin temperature, position and motion with a combined wearable ECG and respiratory monitor, inbuilt medical-grade thermometer and tri-axis accelerometer.

Continuous data logging

Hot swap ancillary power packs ensure continuous vital sign monitoring, and an 8GB memory facilitates 50 days of continuous logging rich physiological data.

The Sensor Belt

The Sensor belt is made from a breathable, lightweight fabric to ensure that it is comfortable for long-term use. The two shoulder strap unisex design provides a secure and comfortable fit for both male and female users. Belt fit is super important and we recommend taking measurements here:

The Sensor belt is unisex and washable, made from a breathable sports fabric that is exceptionally comfortable to wear. Available in 4 sizes:




Equivital Manager is a software application for viewing SEM status information, downloading and splicing SEM files, pairing Bluetooth ancillaries and extracting data to CSV or Excel files. It is particularly useful for managing data and configuring a small number of SEMs, over USB.

Easy-to-format retrospective data

Analyse studies retrospectively by extracting and transforming the most granular data all in one place, with the ability to download it into easy-to-use CSV files.

Fully configurable

Easily configure each SEM to the requirements of every individual study, experiment or subject and gain maximum use from one solution.

Patient-specific data

All data is tied to a specific client ID in a GDPR-friendly way, enabling you to delve deeper into the results of each study.

eqView Mobile

eqView Mobile is an Android app that allows data from a SEM to be viewed in real time. It requires a one to one connection with the SEM over Bluetooth. Key data including ECG can be viewed on the app and transmitted on to either eqView Professional or Black Ghost (available separately).

Further enhance your Equivital EQ02 Life Monitor


Equivital eViewer performance monitor

Data from the BodyCAP core temperature capsules automatically downloads to the eViewer performance monitor when they are in close proximity.



Galvanic skin response sensor

Wrist mounted sensor for measurement of galvanic skin response.




Nonin Xpod

The Nonin Xpod is a highly accurate, low power, easy-to-integrate external pulse oximetry solution that connects to the Equivital LifeMonitor. In addition to Oxygen Saturation information it can also provide photoplethysmography (PPG) waveforms.





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