Fastime 23 Stopwatch

£20.64 inc VAT (£17.20 + VAT)

Fastime 23 Stopwatch

Split time function stopwatch with battery hatch

Cumulative or lap split stopwatch.


Fastime 23 Fastime Stopwatch

The Fastime 23 stopwatch records either cumulative or lap split times. This can be changed during the timing of an event using the MODE button. It has large easy to read digits and a robust case with a rear battery hatch for simple and swift battery replacement.

The Fastime 23 has LAP/SPLIT RESET button, MODE button and START/STOP.

The MODE button give the option to switch between cumulative and lap split timing during operation.

ONE/TWO FAST FINISH: Press the split button to take the time of competitor 1. Press the stop button then the split button to show the time of competitor 2.

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