Fastime 28L Stopwatch

£22.68 inc VAT (£18.90 + VAT)

Fastime 28L

Professional Single Display Stopwatch With Backlight

Extra Large Display and Bright Backlight


Fastime 28L Non-memory Stopwatch

The Fastime 28L is identical to the Fastime 28 plus it has a BACK LIGHT. It is one of our mid-range stopwatches that is designed from with ease of use in mind. It features a single, easy to read stopwatch display, with extra large digits. The case is splash and shock resistant, making it great for timing events where you’re close to the action!

The MODE button allows you to cycle through the following 3 modes of the Fastime 28L:

Mode A – Stopwatch

The single stopwatch display allows the stopwatch to count up 24 hours, with the first 30 minutes being timed to 1/100th of a second. After which, the stopwatch will count in 1 second intervals up to the 24 hour mark.

Start\Cumulative split\Stop\Resume\Reset.

Mode B – Time of Day

A fairly self-explanatory setting. It allows the stopwatch to display the current time.

Mode C – Alarm

The final function allows you to set a time for your alarm. The alarm is enabled and disabled simply by pressing and holding the SPLIT/RESET button, and then pressing the START/STOP button.

The display can be backlit for viewing in low light or darkness.

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