Hans Rudolph 2700 NRB Valve

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Two-Way Non-Rebreathing T-Shape

Hans Rudolph 2700 Two-Way Non-Rebreathing Valves have three ports identified as Inhalation, Exhalation and Mouth port. The Inhalation and Exhalation ports have one-way Spiral-TypeTM Diaphragms to control the direction of air flow through the valve. A spontaneous breathing patient connected to the Mouth port will breathe in through the Inhalation port and breathe out through the Exhalation port as controlled by the placement of the one-way diaphragms. The Spiral-TypeTM diaphragms are designed by Hans Rudolph specifically for low pressure respiratory breathing circuits. Sizes are selected based on the parameters of flow range, resistance to flow, rebreathing volume dead space and physical size.


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Hans Rudolph 2700 NRB Valve

Product Features

  • Functions in any position – not gravity dependent
  • Low resistance to flow – very sensitive to low flows
  • Non-Sticking Diaphragm design – helical spring legs with knife-edge sealing ring
  • Transparent Outlet and Main Body for visibility of Diaphragm function
  • Threaded connections for convenient disassembly and part replacement
  • Several standard sizes to cover wide range of applications
  • 22 and 15 mm tapered port sizes comply with EN ISO 5356-1:2004
  • Engineered thermoplastics are durable and precisely injection molded and machined
  • Special sizes and materials available per request

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