Harpenden Adult Measuring Table

£1,908.90 inc VAT (£1,590.75 + VAT)

Harpenden Adult Measuring Table

This counter recording instrument is similar in construction to the “Harpenden” Stadiometer. It has the same ease of movement, the same potential for speedy and error-free direct readings, to the nearest millimetre of a subject’s length (height), over a range of 300 mm to 2100mm.



The main frame of the instrument is rigidly made of light alloy. Its sliding member operates via ball-bearing rollers in order to ensure a movement which is free yet without cross-play. All the metal parts of the “Harpenden” Supine Measuring Table have a silver/grey hammer finish.

Weight: 29.5kg

Shipping Specification Crated size: 220cm x 62cm x 20cm Crated weight: 41kg

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