iCool Compact XP

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Extra Powerful Portable Icebath Chiller

The hugely popular iCool Compact XP (Extra power) chiller for fastest cooling of larger pools and spa baths now has even more power in a remarkably compact new mobile cabinet. More powerful than any other mobile icebath chiller system. All of this power and convenience comes at the most competitive price available.

Perfect for hot climates

If you operate in very hot conditions or need to cool a multi person spa or the larger iCool inflatables, the iCool Compact XP is the perfect solution, nothing else even comes close. In spite of the compact size the iCool Compact XP can deliver an enormous 7000 Watts of chilling capacity, the most powerful mobile cooling system available for any setup.

On the road or at home

The iCool Compact XP also makes for a perfect permanent installation at a fraction of the cost of other built-in systems, but with all the benefits and convenience you need.

Ideally suited to pools, spas and baths up to 2000 litres

Ideal for iCool iSprint, iTeam, iSquad and IcePod Compact baths or your own pool.

Included: Large Colour Touch Screen, Hose set, Industrial water pump and power cord.

Control by built in touch screen, or with your smart phone, iPad or computer.

Only the best components:

  • Constructed on a strong marine grade aluminium alloy chassis.
  • Wide, durable advanced polymer wheels.
  • Rugged stainless steel handles.
  • Latest technology Touch Screen is now splash and dust proof.
  • All electronics now fully protected in a separate sealed box.
  • Premium grade copper tubing used in refrigeration system.
  • Compressor motor made by either Mitsubishi or Panasonic.
  • Heat Exchanger made from pure titanium.

Best in Class High Capacity Cooling Engine

In spite of the compact size the new iCool Compact XP can deliver an enormous 7000 Watts of chilling capacity, the most powerful mobile cooling system available for any setup.

It takes a lot of cooling power to cool water to low temperatures.

Only iCool has managed to build all that power into such a compact rugged easily transportable machine without compromise.

Our powerful refrigeration systems use compressor engines made by the world’s leading brands, either Panasonic Company of Japan or Mitsubishi.

Our advanced electronics are manufactured by iCool in Australia to industrial standards.

Our heat exchangers are made from pure titanium so you can safely use normal pool chemicals and salt.

Colour Touch Screen Controls – Easy Set Up and Transport

With an iCool Compact Series machine your icebath therapy sessions are quick to set up, easy to use and easy to pack up and transport.

The large all new Hi Res LED touch screen looks and works just like your smart phone. It is sealed behind tough poly glass that protects it from splashing water and dust. Or even control with your smart phone.


To our industry leading user interface we have added “One Touch Go” fully automatic start up. Just touch the GO button and the built in intelligence does all the rest. It runs the entire start up sequence on its own and can even

find and correct some common set up mistakes for you.

Easy Set Up and Connection

Only requires a standard electricity outlet.

Available in 2 models, 110v and 220v, to suit the electricity supply in any country.

Electrical safety device built in (RCD)

A protected computer controlled power outlet for almost any brand of water pump.
(iCool pump is supplied as standard)

Friendly quick connect water fittings, colour coded to make it easy to connect correctly.

Optional Military Tough Travel Hard Case

When only Military tough will do.

Eliminate damage during transit and storage made to military standards.

Extend the life of the units, UV Stabilised Polyethylene, won’t rust or dent.

Modular design, foam profiling lockable cases

Stackable and Interlocking.

Extra Power Davey water Circulation Pump

A high performance chiller needs a high performance pump.

Included now with the iCool Compact XP and icool Compact XP- DT

Complete with Hose link Fittings

Flexible Water Hoses With Quick Snap Fittings

Hose set Included with fittings

1 x 600mm 19mm

1 x 3 meter 12 mm

1 x 3 meter 19mm

The latest iCool hoses are much lighter yet stronger and remain flexible even near freezing temperatures. Our standard quick snap water connectors are now even easier to use and the fittings are sized according to where they connect for easy identification and set up. Each cooling unit is provided with connection hoses. Colour may vary.


  • Net Height x Width x Depth in mm: 650 x 550 x 350
  • Net Weight Kg/ Pounds: 39 Kg / 85 Lbs
  • Size / Weight in STANDARD SHIPPING CRATE: 650 x 470 x 850 mm / 52 Kg (103 Lbs)
  • Size / Weight in ICOOL TRAVEL CASE: 880 x 490 x 830 mm / 62 Kg (115 Lbs)


  • 10 inch HD Built-In Splash Proof Touch Screen
  • Industrial Water Circulation Pump: For 220V machines, a Davey QB035 spa type pump is supplied. For 110V machines, a Marlin ECO6000 world voltage pump is supplied.
  • Complete hose set with iCool quick release fittings:
    • 1x 18 mm x 3000 mm
    • 1x 18 mm x 500 mm
    • 1x 12 mm x 3000 mm
  • Standard pool fittings to suit 19mm (1inch) pool water outlets

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