iCool Team Recovery 4000 M

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iCool Team Recovery 4000 M

Extra large stadium sized pool with hydrotherapy jets

Add any iCool TurboCool and you will have the easiest, fastest & lowest cost way to install a world class recovery room anywhere you need it. Each pool can be both chilled or heated as required for maximum convenience.

The iCoolSport Team Recovery Pools are the most widely used ice baths in stadiums & sports clubs. This is the extra large version with massage jets designed with full width internal steps for maximum safety & a huge full length seat for up to 10 athletes.

Proven World Class Recovery Centre

iCool has been the world’s leading supplier of ice bath and recovery equipment for more than 15 years. Our Team Recovery Pools are already installed in more than 100 sports stadiums around the world. We have been the chosen brand by teams from more than 50 countries at every Olympic, Commonwealth, Asian, Pan American Games & countless other sporting events every year.

The design of the Recovery Pool range is based on years of recovery bath experience in the field and the expert advice of highly respected recovery experts at The Australian Institute of Sport.

Delivered as a Fully Completed Module

Please do not confuse these specialised iCool pools with ordinary spa baths, there is simply no comparison in design, strength, performance or value for money and they are exactly right for ice bath therapy and contrast cold/hot therapy.

The iCool Team Recovery Pools are supplied with almost everything you need already fitted and tested at our factory. Delivered fully completed in their own strong stainless steel frames.

Two complete plumbing systems, one with a high power water pump for the included 12 spa jets and a second system with a properly matched circulating pump ready to connect with the optional TurboCool chiller/heater system.

Choose any iCool Team Recovery Pool and add a perfectly matched iCool TurboCool and you have the easiest, fastest and lowest cost way to install a world class fully automatic recovery room anywhere you need it, while saving both time and money compared to any other solution.

Ready to Just Drop in to Place

Unlike most pools, the Team Recovery Pools do not need extra support. They are built onto a high strength stainless steel frame that fully supports both the pool and all of the associated equipment & plumbing.

The completed pool module can be installed anywhere, fully or partly in the floor, or on the floor.

The water and power connections are amazingly fast and easy to set up. All you need is to complete your recovery room with a suitable wall covering over any exposed sides to match your room decor.

The deep straight sides allow stainless steel ladders to be fitted in any position.

Big 15 Inch Touch Screen Remote Control

The TurboCool is controlled by a remote control touch screen that can be mounted anywhere near your pool for full control and display of all operational information. It can be placed up to 100 metres from your pool to suit difficult building layouts.

Just set the temperature & the system will do the rest. Many safety features are built in & automatic to provide the perfect ice bath 24/7 “always on, always ready”.

Operation is also possible via almost any smart phone, tablet, computer or building management system.




Installed in Hundreds of Stadiums, Hotels, Clubs, Large Recovery & Wellness Centres world-wide

Designed and engineered to provide the perfect solution for medium to large physiotherapy and athlete recovery installations at the lowest cost to buy, install and operate.







Internal depth: 1.45 meters
External dimensions: 450 cm x 160 cm x 160 cm
Maximum athletes: 12
5,000 L water capacity

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