Just Jump System

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Just Jump System

Measures vertical jumps, times both sprint and foot speed. Hand held unit displays height and hang time for one jump, average height, ground time, explosive power for four jumps and sprint times.

(metric measurements)

Just Jump System

Instant feedback = Motivation

Easy to use and portable, the coach, trainer, or athlete get an immediate and accurate measurement of important parameters; jump height for instance. Automatic timing of various drills, such as fast breaks for basketball, various patterns for football, and any timing requirement in which the player controls the timing by his foot movement.

The player gets instant feedback and motivation to train harder to increase his or her vertical jump or speed. The system is useful in a wide range of sports including basketball, football, baseball, tennis, volleyball, powerlifting, track, figure skating, gymnastics, martial arts; any sport where “explosive leg power” makes a difference. In fact most will agree this is a fundamental determinant in nearly every sport.

The Just Jump handheld computer is part of a revolutionary system for measuring several key parameters of leg strength Including:

Vertical jump height

Vertical Jump Meter and Timer Drill Applications can be used for all sports that require foot movement.

Place the jumping mat preferably on a level surface and under the basketball rim or backboard if available.  (This is to give the player something to reach for).  Connect the cord coming from the jumping mat to the handheld computer port.  With the player off the mat, turn the computer on.  The display should read “Step on Mat”.  Have the player stand with both feet shoulder width apart on the mat.  Instruct the player to jump straight up as high as he can without tucking his legs and land with both feet on the mat.  When the player has completed his jump, the display will read hang time and give the vertical jump height in inches.  This vertical jump mode resets automatically.  Have the next player step on the mat and begin the cycle again.

Basketball passing

Catching and Passing the basketball with accuracy and speed is an essential part of any Basketball game. The emphasis has always been on making baskets but getting the ball around the court and to the player in position (the setup) is as important and requires quick and on target passing. The good coaches understand this and “drill” the fundamentals and mechanics of passing and catching into their players during practices.

The Just Jump can be used to actually measure passing speed and measuring something gives coaches and players a frame of reference. It motivates the player to try and beat their best passing time by building up the muscles sets used for passing. It is our strong belief that having this frame of reference is an incredible tool for motivating improvement. Once you have an actual number (frame of reference), then you can begin the process of developing the necessary skills. Progress can be measured and measurement motivates more progress.

Lateral movement times

Speed Drills. (With one jumping mat…) Place the jumping mat on a level surface (eg. asphalt track, basketball gym). You can test a player’s lateral movement, recovery and closing speed, 10 yard pro shuttle run, 10 yard pro square ins, point to point, etc.

Explosive leg power (rebounding quickness)

To determine explosive leg power the Just Jump or Just Run computer includes a “Jump 4 Times” setting. This setting will measure the subject as he makes four successive jumps and will then display the following:

  • Average ground time – measures the average time on the ground between jumps. This simply and accurately demonstrates an athlete’s quickness.
  • Average height – measures of the average height of the four jumps. This will simply and accurately show the subjects leg strength.
  • Explosive leg power index (“Power Factor”) – this is air time divided by ground time. It is a direct result of leg strength and quickness and will capture the combined strength and quickness measure we are after with an easy to use single number.

Plyometric jumps

There are two options in the Plyometrics mode:

LAND ON MAT – If this option is selected, the athlete will jump onto the mat and land back on the mat. The display will read contact time (left number) with the mat and also will read the vertical (right number). The athlete must stay on the mat until the operator writes down the results shown on the display. When the athlete steps off the mat, the display will read “JUST JUMP”. The next athlete may now begin their jump.

LAND OFF MAT If this option is selected, the athlete will jump onto the mat, jump and land off the mat. The display will read contact time with the mat. The displayed time will be to the nearest one hundredth of a second. The next athlete may now jump.

Just Jump


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