Lode Ergometry Manager (LEM)

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Versatile data and ergometer management – LEM 10

The Lode Ergometry Manager 10 (LEM 10) is a software package used for controlling Lode ergometers and treadmills.

Easily create and edit protocols

Lode Ergometry Manager 10 enables the operator to program protocols, control ergometers, visualise, save and analyse ergometry data and print customised reports in PDF. Commonly used bicycle protocols are pre programmed as standard.

The program also provides a patient database and the possibility to connect to a SQL server or the Hospital Information System (HIS) with HL7. LEM 10 is also backwards compatible with previous versions, allowing you import and use your existing database easily.

Customisable dashboard

The dashboard within Lode Ergometry Manager 10 can be customised and saved for several applications. Create custom test and analysis views with the relevant widgets and graphical displays depending on your requirements.

The Lode Ergometry Manager 10 can be used for testing and training in several rehabilitation settings, sports medicine, physiotherapy and research environments.

Multifunctional software for Lode ergometers

The Lode Ergometry Manager 10 can be used for testing and training in several rehabilitation settings, sports medicine, physiotherapy and research environments.

Lode Ergometry Manager 10 is available for all Lode ergometers, incl. options like BPM, HR, SpO2 etc. Worldwide commonly used bicycle and treadmill protocols are pre programmed into Lode Ergometry Manager 10. It is necessary to make sure that your ergometer has the necessary Lode Network module installed before ordering LEM 10. Please contact us, to discuss your ergometer and it’s suitability.

Exercise Protocols with target energy and target distance stages are created with the protocol editor. Special body weight depended stages, linear stages, ramping stages or Heart rate controlled protocols are easily programmed and customised.

Pre programmed Bicycle Protocols:

  • 25 Watt / minute Bicycle protocol
  • Body Weight Controlled Bicycle protocol
  • Isokinetic Bicycle protocol
  • Target Distance Bicycle protocol
  • Target Energy Bicycle protocol
  • Weight Dependent Bicycle protocol

Pre programmed Treadmill Protocols:

  • Balke Treadmill protocol
  • Balke modified Treadmill protocol
  • Bruce Treadmill Protocol
  • Bruce (Mod) Treadmill protocol
  • Bruce (pediatric) Treadmill Protocol
  • Chung Treadmill protocol
  • Chung (LL) Treadmill protocol
  • Claudicationet Treadmill protocol
  • Ellestad Treadmill protocol
  • Naughton Treadmill protocol

Backwards compatible with previous LEM versions

LEM 10 is compatible with LEM 6, 7, 8 and 9. This means that the database of these versions can be imported and used in LEM 10.

Expand LEM 10 to suit your needs

LEM 10 can be extended with various modules, each with its specific functions and visualisations. The Lode Ergometry Manager can be used for testing and training in several rehabilitation settings, sports medicine, physiotherapy and research environments.

Wingate Test Module – For explosive power assessment

The Wingate test is a 30 seconds enduring sprint test in which the torque is kept at a constant rate depending on the bodyweight of the test subject. With this option we obtain online information about anaerobic capacity and power. The data is corrected for the moment of inertia to give you the realistic information about the power output (depending on the acceleration of the test person).

In LEM 10 it is possible to compare different software versions (algorithms to correct the moment of inertia) with each other. It is also possible to adapt the pre programmed Wingate test to your specific requirements. Create different, multiple Wingate tests to define the optimum settings and save special Wingate views for testing and analysis.

Besides the rpm dependent and rpm independent modes of the ergometer, the Wingate software gives you a constant torque mode.

Åstrand Module – Estimation of VO2 max

The LEM Expansion Module Åstrand Test is a pre programmed test protocol of the well known Åstrand test with specific visualisations, analysis and reports. It is also possible to adapt the pre programmed Åstrand test to your specific requirements.

Architect Module – User specific, decision making – custom protocols


With this expansion module you can create completely versatile protocols, including defining your own outputs and formula’s.

The module is defined in such a way that you can create steps in a graphical way. To show the versatility of Architect, several well known protocols are included, which would not be possible to create without the Architect module because certain decisions and loopings are built-in into the protocols.

In the example to the left, at the start of the protocol stage LEM is asked a question based on HR of the test subject. If HR is below 120 bpm, we add 75 watts additional load, if it is between 120bpm – 134 bpm we add 50 watts additional load, if it is greater than 135 bpm we add 25 watts. Then we wait 180 seconds, after which the load is set to 25 watts, for another 120 seconds.

At this point, we ask LEM what the HR of the test subject is, if it is below 150 bpm they stay at 25 watts load until you decide they exit to protocol. For a HR of higher than 150 bpm, they automatically are removed from the loop and move to the next stage – recovery for example.




Export Module – Export to Excel

With the LEM expansion module Export it is possible to export data of the LEM database to other programs. The data can be exported to MS Excel. Data of one test subject or multiple test subjects can be exported to an Excel sheet for further analysis.

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