Lode Katana Sport XL – NEW

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Lode Katana Sport XL

Lode Katana XL sports treadmill with unique Slat Technology
The Lode Katana sport XL is an extended version of the Katana Treadmill: a modern and reliable treadmill that can be connected to external ECG- and pulmonary devices as well as to a Lode software network (LEM or LCRM). The Katana sport XL offers smooth acceleration and is continuously adjustable in a range of 0,5 – 30 km/h. With a walking surface of 220 x 70 cm this treadmill is the solution for use in sport medical settings.

The Lode Katana sport XL treadmill is equipped with a 7″ control unit with touchscreen, fixed side handrails and 0 – 25% elevation. The treadmill is executed with a special Lode Slat Technology with 106 soft grip covered slats that allows for high speed and a natural walking and running experience. Its unique bearing technology delivers high speeds at low noise levels while needing low maintenance. The function of this product can be enhanced by using it in combination with our Lode Ergometry Manager software. 934930: 400 V – 3 phases 934931: 200 V – 3 phases

A USB A-B cable for service purposes as well as connecting to ECG and pulmonary testing devices will be standard delivered with the product. To connect older ECG and pulmonary testing devices with RS232 or other connectors you need a special interface cable that can be ordered separately. To connect LEM or LCRM you need a Network Module connection cable that can be ordered under part number 930930.


Lode Katana Sport XL

Lode Katana Sport XL


XL Design
The running surface of this treadmill is larger in order to provide more space when running at high speeds

Unique Walking Experience
The slat-belt technology provides a unique walking experience which approaches the feeling of running on a track

Standard max speed of 30 km/h
The standard maximum speed of the treadmill is 30 km/h

Shock absorbing design
The design guarantees shock absorption with preservation of the natural walking feeling.

Smooth acceleration
All treadmills have a smooth acceleration from 0 km/h to the start speed.

Compatible with ECG and pulmonary devices
The treadmill can be controlled by all external stress test ECG and ergospirometry devices through the RS232 or USB port. This is possible because besides the programmed Lode protocol, all known communication protocols are programmed as well.


Screen resolution 800 x 400 pixels Screen resolution
Walking surface length 220 cm 86.6 inch length of the walking surface
Walking surface width 70 cm 27.6 inch width of the walking surface
Step up height 29 cm 11.4 inch height to step up the treadmill
Product length (cm) 280 cm 110.2 inch length of product in cm
Product width (cm) 106 cm 41.7 inch width of the product in cm
Product height 145 cm 57.1 inch height of product
Product weight 380 kg 837.8 lbs the weight of the product

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