METRONIK BL-6 Blood Pressure Monitor – Treadmill Version

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METRONIK BL-6 Blood Pressure Monitor – Treadmill Version

The METRONIK BL-6 is a robust, easy to use blood pressure device with very high reliability. It is designed for the measurement of non-invasive blood pressure in most applications.

Versatile measurements

The added treadmill version has an additional pressure chamber. The additional chamber increases the air volume in the system and compensates muscle movements more than the regular Metronik BL-6 Blood Pressure Monitor. When you move your arm, your muscles presses and squeezes against the blood pressure cuff. This movement means the cuff pressure will increase and decrease rapidly. With the additional pressure chamber, all pressure changes are absorbed meaning the cuff pressure remains stable for better measurement.

The most advanced Blood Pressure Cuff you can buy

The Metronik BL-6 Blood Pressure Monitor is available with 4 different sizes of cuff.

Extra Small (19-26cm)

Small (25cm – 31cm)

Standard (29cm – 40cm)

Large (up to 56cm)

Each cuff has a removable bladder with in-built microphone, allowing for the cuff to be washed between uses. You can also a purchase a useful tool to make replacing the bladder a quick and easy job.

Minimise Noise

Artifact compensation is performed mechanically via an in-built dynamic pressure reservoir, this can be further enhanced by an electronic ergometer switch, activated on the front of the device.

The Metronik BL-6 Blood pressure monitor is a medical device – class IIa.

Metronik BL-6 Blood Pressure Monitor – Treadmill Version

Measurement Method

Riva-Rocci Korotkov method, auscultatory, via a microphone in the cuff, comparable to RR-measurement (cuff and stethoscope).

The original Korotkov sounds are reproduced in high quality via loudspeakers.

By simultaneously listening to the Korotkov sounds during the measurement, the applicant can also check that the real Korotkov sound occur at the same time as the blood pressure. So you can recognize how exact and precise the automatic measurements are.

In addition to the automatic measuring, there is a manual mode where the user marks the pressure levels at its corresponding systole and diastole values during deflation.

By pressing the START button during deflation at time with the first occurring Korotov sound, the systolic value will be locked at this actual cuff pressure.

By pressing the START button a second time, when the sound disappears, the diastolic value will be locked. The system deflates and the measurement is finished.

Cuff inflation time

0-300 mmHg in less than 5 seconds (depending on cuff size).

Measurement Range

Pressure: 0 – 300 mmHg
Systolic: 40 – 300 mmHg
Diastolic: 30 – 280 mmHg
Heart Rate: 30 – 230 Beats per Minute


USB, RS232, Trigger-Input (ECG, TTL)


230mm x 220mm x 217 mm

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