Polar Verity Sense

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Polar Verity Sense

Optical Heart Rate Sensor

Polar Verity Sense is an optical heart rate monitor that provides you with maximum freedom of movement and multiple options for viewing and recording your workouts. Thanks to Bluetooth®, ANT+ and internal memory, you can either connect Polar Verity Sense to a sports watch or app to see your workout in real time or record your workout in the internal memory and view your data afterwards.

Any Sport. Any time. Quantified

Polar Verity Sense is a great alternative to heart rate chest straps and wrist-based devices. You can use it with the product’s armband, swimming goggle strap clip, or just place it anywhere snug and firm against your skin. Polar Verity Sense allows maximum freedom of movement and works in countless different sports.

Comfort to move

Keep your wrist free for maximum comfort and freedom of movement. Just slip the Polar Verity Sense onto your arm, clip it on your swimming goggles, or place it snug and firm against your skin under tight-fitting clothing.

The Polar story….

It all began in 1977. The year they launched an entire industry with the foresight to see the incredible potential in wearable devices and led the charge ever since.

Polar’s leadership in personal guidance for fitness, sport and health has resulted in the world’s best measurement technology and data-driven insights – for anyone who wants to understand their body better, improve their happiness, and live a healthier life.

Since 1984, Polar have filed over 450 patents, and entered more than 10,000 publications into the Polar Research Library. As more and more people around the world are wearing smart devices like Polar’s to understand themselves better, perform better, and live better, what we is being done today is more relevant now than it ever has been – and will have a greater impact on how we live in the future.

Dedicated UK Support team

Cranlea Human Performance Ltd have been Polar distributors for over 15 years. Our support team are on hand to help you get the most from your device and answer any queries along the way. You can contact us by phone or email here.


Polar Verity Sense

Rule sports. Liberate yourself

If freedom is important to you, Polar Verity Sense is the optimal choice for unrestricted movement of the human body and limitless potential in sports.

The Power of 3

Press the power-on button, choose the training mode you want, and wear it wherever feels comfortable—then go and do what you do best.


Swimming Mode

Jump in the pool and record your swimming metrics.

Heart Rate Mode

Live broadcasting to compatible devices, apps, and equipment.

Recording Mode

Save sessions to the internal memory to see your stats later.

Push the limits

Modern athletes demand more from the technology they use. Polar Verity Sense meets these demands, and then surpasses them.

+18h Longer Battery

Train up to 30 hours on a full charge.

+75m Wider Range

Broadcast to devices up to 150 metres away.

+12Mb Bigger Memory

Store up to 600 hours of training with 16Mb memory.

Optical HR Technology – Let there be light

Polar Verity Sense ushers in the next stage of evolution for optical heart rate technology, highlighting the incredible accuracy, reliability, and sensing capabilities of light.

Coin-sized device. A bank of features

Only 3cm wide, and less than 1cm thin: it’s hard to believe that something so tiny could hold such immense power.

Dive in to the sport you love

Polar Verity Sense is a swimmer’s best friend. Of course it’s waterproof, and has a handy goggle strap clip, but it also provides a whole new depth of data.

Swimming Mode ON

Automatically tracks your heart rate, distance and pace, and turns in the pool. No worries, just keep swimming.


Waterproof up to 50 metres.

Multiple Connectivity Options

Live heart rate broadcasting, 2 simultaneous Bluetooth channels, limitless ANT+ connections, and compatible with a host of 3rd party apps.

You can record sessions, connect to your smartphone, broadcast to a huge range of gym equipment, and sync to your favourite fitness and sports apps. Oh, and you can even use it with products from other brands.

Polar Flow

Did you know?

You can use any of our products for any sport, but Polar Flow allows you to really up your game – whatever game you play.

Polar Flow

Polar Verity Sense Key Features:

High quality optical heart rate tracking (6 LED solution)

Long battery life: 24 hours on a single charge

Internal memory: 16 MB, 600 hours of training time

Waterproof (50 m)

Extremely easy to use

Works with all Polar Bluetooth® devices, most sports and smart watches, Polar Flow and many other fitness apps

Works with ANT+ devices such as gym equipment and cycling computers

Two simultaneous Bluetooth® connections and ANT+ broadcast: You can stream your heart rate simultaneously to two different receiving Bluetooth devices and as many ANT+ devices as you wish

Records heart rate, swimming turns, distance and pace automatically in swimming pool with the specific swimming mode

Bluetooth Low Energy range is 150 m

Machine-washable detachable textile armband & swimming goggle strap clip and a handy storage pouch

Chargeable battery

Updatable firmware

What’s included?

    OHR Sensor                           Swimming Goggle Strap Clip                                 Storage Pouch                                USB Charger                                                   Armband


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