Harpenden Portable Stadiometer

£1,890.00 inc VAT (£1,575.00 + VAT)

Harpenden Portable Stadiometer

The Harpenden Portable Stadiometer has been designed to give all the advantages of the “Harpenden” wall-mounted Stadiometer in a portable form. It has the same sensitive counter balanced movement and will give accurate and direct readings, to the nearest millimetre, over a range of 810 mm to 2060 mm. It is extremely easy to erect, its only component parts being two uprights and a base. Erected, it is a robust free-standing unit. Dismantled, the uprights fit inside the base, which doubles as a substantial carrying case.


Weight (Including Base): 20.5 kg

Base Dimensions: 120cm x 36cm x 75cm

Shipping Specification

Crated size: 128cm x 42cm x 14cm

Crated weight: 25kg

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