Servomex 5200 Gas Analyser

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The Servomex 5200

A portable benchtop analyser with dual measurement and is an ideal solution for determining the composition of common gas mixtures in laboratories.

The Servomex 5200 is the perfect companion for use with Cranlea’s Douglas Bag system

  • Suitable for accurately measuring levels of oxygen and carbon dioxide to 2 decimal points. 
  • All sensors use non-depleting technologies, maximising availability and reducing maintenance and running costs.
  • Innovative construction gives a robust, single or dual measurement unit with space saving footprint.
  • A range of sampling and power options to meet individual user requirements.
  • Meets USFDA requirements for verification of medical oxygen USP and nitrogen NF.
  • TUV certified EN15267-3 (MCERTS v3.3, Annex F) for oxygen analysis

Technology Used

Oxygen – Servomex use a paramagnetic transducer, offering fast, selective measurement of oxygen without the disadvantages of electrochemical or zirconia cells.

Carbon dioxide – Single beam, single wavelength infrared technology using Servomex’s patented long life source gives a highly stable, selective and low maintenance measurement.

Servomex 5200 Gas Analyser 

  • Paramagnetic and infrared sensors give reliable, credible results with low maintenance and running costs
  • Tower format saves space whilst offering dual measurement capability
  • Digital interface developed with customers to ensure desirable functions and ease of use
  • Reading available via backlit LCD display, RS 232 or optional mA output
  • Print individual readings (printer optional) or log up to 200 measurements and transfer them to a PC
  • User configurable concentration alarms and audible sounder
  • Power options include mains (100-240V AC), vehicle socket (12/24V DC) or advanced Lithium ion rechargeable batteries (8-36 hours use depending on sensors selected and use of pump)
  • Self monitoring software and Servomex support ensures user confidence
  • Optional external flow regulator (0-2.5l/min)

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