Servomex 5200 Mini MP Gas Analyser

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Servomex 5200 Mini – High Accuracy Gas Analyser

Benchtop Analyser offering Single or Dual Measurements of O2 and CO2

The Servomex 5200 MiniMP Analyser is designed to deliver accurate readings with minimal margin of error, ensuring that your analysis is always spot on.

When you work in a light industrial or laboratory application, you need equipment you can depend on and help you get the job done. The Servomex 5200 MiniMP combines ease of use and simple device care with high powered Co2 and O2 monitoring capabilities, providing the ideal solution for a wide range of applications.

The Servomex Mini MP packs powerful gas analysis capabilities into a compact form factor. Its small footprint makes it ideal for environments where space is limited, without compromising on performance. This analyser is the only device to offer true battery-powered portability. This, combined with gas-specific accuracy, ensures that the MiniMP is ready for a range of monitoring needs from the verification or medical oxygen to CEMS testing.

The Servomex 5200 is the perfect companion for use with Cranlea’s Douglas Bag system

Servomex 5200 Mini MP – High Accuracy Gas Analyser 

With a Li-ion battery for true portability, the MiniMP offers reliable O2 and CO2 monitoring for CEMS, industrial gas and medical gas applications.


Unrivalled Performance

Patented Paramagnetic and Infrared technologies for High sensitivity monitoring and reliability, precision single or dual measurement operation and Ergonomic space saving footprint.


Accurate measurement of O2 and Co2 Levels and a range of sampling and power options. The Servomex 5200 MiniMP id ideal for laboratory healthcare, fermentation, combustion analysis, CEMS testing, light industrial use and medical gas transfil.

Easy To Use

The Servomex 5200 MiniMP is the only device in its class to offer true portability. Its quick and easy to start up and use, is small enough to easily transport and have two power options; Mains or Battery power.

Benchmark Compliance

  • Meets USFDA requirements for verification of Medical O2, USP and N2 NF.
  • European Pharmacopeia compliant (O2)
  • MCERTS approved for stack emissions monitoring equipment at industrial installations, Continuous emissions monitoring systems (CEMS) to EN15267 and QAL 1 and defined in EN14181. For O2 only.

Service and Warranty

All Servomex Analysers are supplied with 12 month warranty.

Servomex have over 70 years’ experience innovating and pioneering gas analysis and supply thousands of units used in the field each year. Cranlea Human Performance have been a Servomex distributor for over 35 years. Our qualified engineers here at Cranlea can provide a full service, calibration and repairs to Servomex Analysers. To contact our service team, please click here.




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