Harpenden Sitting Height Table

£2,108.70 inc VAT (£1,757.25 + VAT)

Harpenden Sitting Height Table

The Harpenden Sitting Height Table has our standard type of ball-bearing mounted, counter-balanced head block, giving accurate and direct readings of crown – rump length from 320 mm to 1090 mm. In addition it has a secondary carriage, fitted with an anti-reverse carriage lock, in order to compensate for upper leg variations: and an adjustable foot-rest in order to compensate for lower leg variations.


This instrument is constructed mainly of light alloy on rigid tubular steel legs fitted with adjustable feet. All metal parts have a silver/grey hammer finish.

Weight: 24kg Shipping Specification Crated size: 132cm x 70cm x 23cm Crated weight: 35kg

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