Turbo TYPHOON Dual Temp

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Turbo TYPHOON Dual Temp

The TurboCool Typhoon is the latest version in the line of fully automatic high powered ice bath chillers and heaters developed and manufactured by the iCool company over more than a decade. Hundreds of the TurboCool series are installed in large stadiums and clubs worldwide

The World’s Largest and Longest Established Ice Bath Maker.
More than 1 Million Users in 70+ Countries.

iCoolsport manufactures the largest range of the highest-quality cold plunge products in the world.

Quality from the world’s largest and most experienced manufacturer


The TurboCools are a unique “Twin Engine” machine to provide higher efficiency, lower running cost and the abilty to operate from single phase power. Because they contain two completely independent heat pumps that can operate either in parallel of individually, the TurboCools offer a unique backup should a
problem occur because each heatpump can continue to operate indefinitely to keep the pool chilled.

Perfectly Matched Team Recovery Pool

Any of our Turbo machines can be connected to any of our TR Range of fiberglass pools. One Turbo is required for one pool. For the perfect contrast therapy set up, use one Turbo Cool and one Turbo Hot with two TR Pools respectively. For more information email or call our expert staff about our latest case studies on large recovery pools. We have installed hundreds of them in many countries.

Easy Set Up

Each Turbo only needs 2 standard pool grade 40mm PVC pipes attached to the conveniently placed hand tightened fittings provided. Connect the other ends of the 2 pipes to your pool and you are ready to automatically chill or heat the water.

Durable Materials

The twin heat exchanger tanks are made from the highest quality Titanium tubing to withstand all normal swimming pool chemicals and salt water. All metal work is manufactured in Australia from marine grade aluminium with a double layer of UV protected epoxy paint coating for a long life outdoors. Cooling air fans are manufactured in Europe and designed for long service life and low noise. The two powerful rotary refrigeration compressor motors in each machine are manufactured by the highly respected Mitsubishi company. Electronic components and systems software are designed and manufactured in Australia by iCool.


Turbos are operated from a wall mounted 15 Inch Full HD Capacitive Touch Screen (included). To our industry leading user interface we have added “One Touch Start” fully automatic start up. Just touch the START button and the built in intelligence does all the rest. It runs the entire start up sequence on its own and can even find & correct some common set up mistakes for you. It also provides constantly updated pool & system temperature information.






MAIN DIMENSIONS: L1020mm X W383mm X H835mm
MATERIALS: Laser cut CNC formed aluminium with high UV resistant coatings
High pressure PVC plumbing with elastomeric anti shock boots.
VOLTAGE: 220-240volts single phase. (110v versions also available)
TYPICAL CURRENT: 9-18 Amps controlled by the operating system for maximum efficiency.
REFRIGERANT: HyChill 40 or HyChill 50 or R290. 380grams in each heat pump.
CONDENSER FANS: 450mm Low Noise, low fequency sound, typically 58dB @ 5mtrs.
COMPRESSORS: Mitsubishi 2V36S225BUA -10kW each @12ºC = 20kW Total Cooling.
VENTILATION: At full power up to 4000cfm of unrestricted airflow must be allowed
for if mounted indoors. Outdoor mounting easily meets this requirement.
EVAPORATORS: Copper Tube, aluminium fins & frames all with anti corrosion coatings.
CONDENSERS: Titanium Tubes in high pressure PVC Tanks
FUNCTION CONTROL: Large 15inch full colour touch screen remotely mounted up to 50m
fromTurboCool. Data and screen power over a single ethernet cable.
OPERATING SYSTEM: Proprietary OS developed by iCool especially for automatic ice baths.
POOL CAPACITY: Recommended for chilling (or heating) pools up to 5000 litres & 12 users

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