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Smart Heart Monitors: The Frontier X2 Is Smart for Your Heart

The Frontier X2 is the world’s first smart heart monitor worn on the chest.

But what is a smart heart monitor and why would you need one?

In this post, Cranlea explores the benefits, specifications and applications of the Frontier X2 to provide an in-depth examination of this leading wearable heart monitor, as well as the basics of monitoring cardiac activity.

Why is Smart Monitoring of Cardiac Activity Important?

The first electrocardiogram (ECG) machine was created by Willem Einthoven at the end of the nineteenth century. Since this time, ECG equipment has continued to develop, becoming smaller, lighter, and more intelligent.

The latest evolution of ECG equipment appears as a portable smart device that is able to monitor and store information – a wearable heart monitor.

Heart health monitoring is important for deepening knowledge surrounding an individuals cardiovascular health such as blood pressure and pulse rate. This can be for a variety of reasons, such as preperation for a medical patient ahead of prognosis or following diagnosis of a condition, disease, surgery or treatment. For example, they can be used to detect life-threatening arrhythmias before they take effect. Monitoring activity can mitigate risks and enhance the effectiveness of cardiovascular care.

Alternatively, smart monitoring of cardiac activity is used by athletes and trainers looking to study and monitor their performance. This can help shape training and recovery programmes to improve performance, as well as rehabilitation programmes for informed decision making when re-entering the world of sport and fitness.

What is a Wearable Smart Heart Monitor?

A  wearable smart heart monitor refers to a heart fitness tracker that can be easily worn while performing physical activity, which measures heart function and strain both at rest and under stress.

The small device is most often worn over the middle of the chest and secured by an elasticated and adjustable chest strap that fits under the arms. Due to its low profile, the Frontier X2 can be comfortably worn underneath shirts, bras or other sports apparel.

The smart heart wearable is able to detect the heart’s electrical activity thanks to electrode sensors within the device; it is also able to store or sync this data with phones, tablets, watches and more to be analysed and used.

Benefits of Smart Heart Wearables

Smart heart wearables have a number of advantages, making them highly useful across a range of applications.

Hands free

The chest strap is a hands-free device – it secures to the user’s chest – providing a full and free range of motion when exercising. The wireless nature of the equipment also facilitates movement across distances, allowing the heart to be monitored under stress for an accurate and comprehensive picture.

Continuous tracking

The device provides continuous tracking capabilities, ensuring all activity is recorded and is available for analysis. Data can be continuously collected for many hours at a time, depending on the requirements of your project.

Lightweight and portable

The compact and lightweight nature of the smart heart wearable makes it comfortable to wear, without impeding the movement of the user due to increased weight or bulk. Its portability ensures it can be packed away and carried around for use in a number of locations.

Shareable data

Smart technology ensures data captured by the monitoring device can be easily and quickly shared to other devices, such as phones, tablets, and watches, as well as stored for sharing data at a more convenient time. ECG data can even be streamed to others, presenting the unique opportunity to share a live feed of heart data with sports coaches, personal trainers or doctors.

Fourth Frontier’s Frontier X2

Fourth Frontier’s heart monitor monitors, records, stores and processes various heart activity. The Frontier X2 provides in-depth feedback regarding a range of activities, such as heart rate, strain, breathing rate, cadence and body shock.

This device can be used continuously for up to 24 hours; with typical usage, the battery lasts between 12-15 days before requiring charging.

The light weight of the monitor (only 25 grams) is another appeal of this model, making it suitable for wearing while exercising freely – even in water, with the Frontier X2 being water resistant up to 1.5 metres.

The Frontier X2 further connects via Bluetooth, and can be accessed through iOS and Android Apps, as well as BLE sports watches and Apple Watches.

As one of the leading and most established smart heart wearables, Cranlea Human Performance stocks the Fourth Frontier Frontier X2 for sale.

Sectors & Applications of Smart Heart Wearables

Smart heart wearables are commonly used within professional sports, as well as academia.

Professional sports

Athletes in training and rehabilitation use smart heart wearables to monitor and track their sports performance, ensuring safe training schedules that strive for optimal outcome.


Smart heart wearables are utilised within academic fields to develop understanding surrounding cardiovascular knowledge, exercise, medication and more.


These smart devices are used within the healthcare and medical field, for the monitoring of a patient’s cardiac and cardiovascular activity.

Wearable Smart Heart Monitors & Heart Health

Smart heart wearables represent the latest ECG technology, providing insights into the health of the heart and cardiovascular system. Whether being utilised for recreational or professional use, they aid a range of users to better understand their body, health, and capabilities.

For more on our smart heart wearables, contact a member of the Cranlea Human Performance team today, who can help you determine the right equipment for your needs.

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