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The new Excalibur Sport

Smarter, Better, Stronger!

With its unbeatable accuracy and reliability, the Excalibur Sport has proven itself as The Gold Standard in Ergometry ever since 1985. However, the world keeps spinning and developments never stop. That is why we now proudly present the new Lode Excalibur Sport: Smarter, Better and Stronger! Still true to its heritage but combined with innovative new features to meet the latest and future requirements of modern sports medicine and research to allow athletes to become stronger and better with smarter use of human performance technology.
Versatile ergometerThe new Lode Excalibur Sport ergometer is an essential part of a sports medicine or research lab, since it can be used to test all types of athletes. The ergometer allows for various tests, like a Wingate sprint test, Isokinetic tests, High Intensity Tests (HIT) and time trials. Moreover, it can also be used for CPET testing and bike fitting. 



Extreme workload range of 10 - 3000 watt

This extraordinary peak workload is extremely suitable for sports medicine and testing the strongest athletes on their anaerobic power or isokinetic capacity. Combined with the low start workload of 10 Watt this Excalibur will fit everybody.

Suitable for all types of athletes

The ergometer can be used for various tests, like e.g. Wingate, Isokinetic, HIT and timetrials. Moreover CPET testing and bike fitting is possible, allowing all types of athletes to be tested.

Extreme adjustability

Both the saddle and the handlebar can be adjusted horizontally and vertically using the control unit.

Exchangeable accessories

The pedals, handlebar and saddle can easily be exchanged for the Test Subjects own accessories to test the Test Subject as realistic as possible, to optimize the circumstances or exchange to test a better bike fitting.

Heavy Duty Design

The Excalibur Sport is designed for heavy duty sports medicine ergometry, without doing any concession on the esthetic, modern and robust design. In other words: Excalibur Sport: the gold standard in Ergometry!

Lode Excalibur Sport

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Lode New Excalibur Sport

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