Ambu WhiteSensor 4500M ECG Electrodes

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Ambu WhiteSensor 4500M ECG Electrodes

The Ambu WhiteSensor 4500M features a highly conductive wet gel with good adhesion to ensure a good signal quality during short-term ECG monitoring applications. Thanks to the flexible foam backing material, the electrode is easy to apply. It is radiolucent and MR Conditional.

Ambu Whitesensor 4500M Specifications:

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Electrode size (length x width) | 50(mm) x 48(mm)
Adhesive area | 1584 (mm2)
Height excluding connector | 1(mm)


Sensor material Silver | silver chloride (Ag/AgCl)
Gel system  |Wet gel
Gel area | 201 (mm2)
Sensor area |79 (mm2)

Electrical data (ANSI/AAMI)

AC impedance – typical  | 95 Ω
DC offset potential – typical | 1.0 mV
Defibrillation overload recovery – typical | 12 mV
Rate of change for polarisation potential – typical | 0.3 mV/s
Combined offset instability and internal noise | 9 μV
Bias current tolerance | 5 mV


PVC-free electrode | Yes
Electrode not made with natural rubber latex
PVC-free packaging | Yes

X-Ray & MRI

Radiolucent | Yes*
MR Conditional | Yes***

Shelf life

Opened pouch | 30 days
Sealed pouch 24 months**

** from date of production



Bio-compatible | Yes
Sponge | Polyester Polyurethane Reticulated
Backing material | Polyethylene foam (PE)
Backing material adhesive | Polyacrylate
Supporting label | Polyethylene
Connector | Graphite, snap type
Upper substrate –
Release liner | Polyester (PET)
Stud material | Carbon filled ABS
Connector | Connector – Carbon

* Overlay material of the 4500M with graphite snap may cast shadows in radiographs with intensities greater than 50 kV.

*** Static magnetic field of 1.5 Tesla and 3 Tesla only. Maximum spatial gradient field of 10.000 Gauss/cm or 100 Tesla/m. Maximum whole body averaged specific absorption rate (SAR) of 2 W/kg for 15 minutes of scanning.

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