Bodystat Electrodes

£54.00 inc VAT (£45.00 + VAT)

Bodystat Electrodes

Get the best from your device by using original Bodystat electrodes, designed to be used with the all Bodystat models.

Sold in pack of 300 (3 x 100).

Placement of Electrodes and Leads

The skin should be wiped with an alcohol swab before placement of electrodes.

The self-adhesive, disposable electrodes are attached to the right hand and right foot, in order to avoid the battery current (low voltage) passing through the side of the body where the heart is situated.

It is important to ensure that the Red (injecting) leads are connected to the electrodes just behind the finger and toes. The Black (measuring) leads are then connected to the electrodes on the right wrist and right ankle.

Top Tip

Once the subject is lying in the supine position, ensure that at least 3 to 4 minutes has elapsed before taking a measurement. This is to ensure that fluid levels within the body have stabilised before a measurement is taken.

The Bodystat Electrodes may be disposed of as normal waste.

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