Bodystat 1500 Touch Screen

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Bodystat 1500 Touch Screen

Portable Body Composition Analyser

The Bodystat 1500 model is the latest Touch Screen Model, Measuring body composition & hydration. This pocket-sized device gives accurate statistics for body fat, lean muscle mass, dry lean and hydration.

Why measure Body Composition?

Measuring body composition is crucial for gaining a comprehensive understanding of an individual’s health and fitness status. Unlike traditional methods such as weighing yourself, which only provides overall body weight, body composition analysis offers a more nuanced insight into the distribution of different components within the body.

To measure is to know

The Bodystat 1500 allows for accurate tracking of changes in Body Fat, Lean Muscle Mass & Hydration. Determine if weight gain is due to increase in Lean Body Mass or fluid retention. The simple to use display allows for regular monitoring and this in turn can be used as an essential motivational tool.

Who are Bodystat?

For over 30 years, Bodyatat have been producing medical devices and software that utilise bioimpedance technology in the measurement of core cellular health to the critical acclaim of clinical physicians and international research institutions. Bodystat are dedicated to researching bioelectrical impedance technology to provide the best, most advanced electronics that accurately measure body composition and hydration within the human body, non-invasively.

Bodystat offer the latest advancements in medical science, an accuracy that is validated and a warm family service worldwide. Progress with purpose: For medical. For research. For fitness. For you.

Our relationship with Bodystat

Cranlea Human Performance have been working with the Bodystat team in the Isle of Man for over 20 years, helping delivering their vision to customers. Delivering Truly usable data that drives Performance, Fitness and Health.

Bodystat 1500 Touch Screen

The Bodystat 1500 model is the latest Touch Screen Model, Measuring body composition & hydration. This pocket-sized device gives accurate statistics for body fat, lean muscle mass, dry lean and hydration.

Using the Bodystat 1500 Touch Screen

Four electrodes (Bodystat 0515) are placed in specific locations on the hand and foot. The patient is ideally lying down for a couple of minutes to stabilise fluids.

Attach the leads to each electrode, input data such as age, weight, height and gender into the hardware device (touch screen). The measurement takes one second and all results are immediately visible on a colour touch screen ready to print, view in an App or download into the software for analysis.

Measurements include: 

  • Body Fat Percentage and Fat Weight
  • Mass Percentage and Lean Weight
  • Water Percentage and Total Body Water
  • Plus Normal Levels for each of the above including ideal body weight based on the subject’s actual body composition analysis
  • Dry Lean Weight
  • Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR)
  • BMR/Body Weight
  • Average Daily Calorie Requirement
  • Body Mass Index – Plus Normal Range
  • Wait/Hip Ratio
  • Impedance Values at 50 KHz

How does Bodystat 1500 Touch Screen measure Body Fat?

Bio-electrical Impedance technology works by running a small current through the body, measuring the resistance and reactance to the flow of the current. This data is then processed in the device along with the height, weight, gender and age of the subject. The results for body fat, lean weight and fluid status are then displayed using the measurement and input data.

What is reactance, resistance and impedance?

Impedance defines the opposition to an alternating electrical current. Impedance is comprised of both resistance and reactance. By analysing the resistance and reactance of human tissue certain properties of the tissue can be obtained. The resistance of the tissues to the electrical current determines the opposition of the tissue to the flow of electrons (dissipative loss). It is related to the amount of water present in tissues. The reactance by contrast reflects the capacitive losses caused by cell membranes.

Bodystat 1500 Touch Screen Testing Best Practices:

What are the pre-test protocols prior to testing?

For accurate and reproducible results on repeat tests, it is important that the subject is as normally hydrated as possible. The following guidelines should ideally be followed wherever possible.

No eating or drinking 4 to 5 hours prior to the test
No exercise 12 hours prior to the test
No alchohol or caffeine consumption 24 hours prior to the test.

What is the best time of day to measure?

As with weighing yourself, it is best to be consistent and measure around the same time of day, each time you carry out a test.

How often should I perform the test on my clients?

We would recommend that the first test is done at the beginning of the treatment or programme and then followed up by tests at regular periods. In the case of fitness this would be 4-6 weeks and in the case of medical applications, such as lymphedema, this would be on the patient’s regular check-up visits.

How can I make sure that the results are accurate when repeated?

In order to ensure that the results are accurate when they are repeated, it is important to make sure that the electrodes are placed in exactly the same place as they were for the previous test. The Bodystat 1500 Touch Screen uses the same measurement principle as with all other Bodystat devices. Two electrodes are placed on the hand and the foot as illustrated below. Electrodes should be re-used and must not be cut in half.

The red lead is always connected to the electrode closer to the nails, and the black electrodes at the back.

How can I improve measurement quality?

Ensure patient is relaxed in the supine position, ensure skin is clean and good electrode contact has been achieved. Check correct electrode placement and check correct connection of patient lead. Try to minimize sources of electrical disturbances (power sources, mobile phones etc.) Ensure legs are apart and arms are not in contact with the trunk.

In Summary, what will the Bodystat 1500 Touch Screen give me?

  • Medically proven whole body composition analysis and core cellular health measurement (non-invasively)
  • Additional insightful information to ‘Body Mass Index’ (BMI)
  • Essential motivational tool especially for weight loss programs
  • Accurate tracking of changes in Body Fat, Lean Muscle Mass & Hydration
  • Fast, reliable, cost-effective, reproducible results

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