Hans Rudolph 3 Way T Shaped Stopcock 35mm

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Hans Rudolph 3 Way T Shaped Stopcock 35mm

Three-Way T-Shape™ Manual Directional Control Stopcock-Type™

The Three-Way Manual Stopcock-Type series Directional Control valves are available in several flow bore sizes to accommodate most respiratory circuit requirements for low dead space and low resistance to flow.

Manually rotating the stopcock plug from one position to the other of the valve redirects the circuit flow path from the common port to one of two different outlet ports. The valve housing is transparent so the different flow paths through the plug are easily visible.

There are arrows on the plug knob indicating flow path through the valve. There are three port adapters that thread directly into the valve housing that can be changed to other available sizes.

Each series of valves has three standard options for port sizes. Custom port sizes can be provided upon request.

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Hans Rudolph 3 Way T Shaped Stopcock 35mm

Product Features

  • Four different valve flow bores to cover wide range of applications
  • Low resistance to flow, no obstructions in valve flow bores
  • Low dead space volume, design optimized
  • Transparent main housing for visibility of plug position
  • Main housing threaded outlet ports are all the same thread for interchangeability of the port adapters
  • Common port includes a sampling hose barb
  • 22mm & 15mm medical tapered ports meet ISO 5356-1:2015
  • Each valve has a mounting rod
  • O-rings utilized for sealing
  • Valves are 100% leak tested
  • Additional sampling ports and couplers available
  • Connectors in standard and custom types available in Medical tapered, O-ring slip fit, Shaped series and Coupler Lock-Ring Assembles

Intended Use

The Hans Rudolph 3 Way T Shaped Stopcock Directional Control Valves are designed for use as a directional flow control valve in a respiratory circuit. This series of valves are designed in a three-way configuration with one common port and two outlet ports. Manual valve control is accomplished by manually turning the plug knob from one position to the next. These valves are classified as reusable and can be high level disinfected. These valves are supplied clean, non-sterile.

Typical applications are pulmonary function testing, exercise testing and respiratory research. These valves are not intended for use in any critical care or life support applications such as a ventilator circuit or anesthesia.

Rebreathing Volume Dead Space

Includes the internal air volume of the common port adapter and the flow bore through the main housing and plug. Estimation of the dead space for each valve series with each valve common port adapter combination is listed in the Physical Characteristics section of this data sheet.

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