Hans Rudolph 6450 Disposable V2 Mask (x18)

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Hans Rudolph 6450 Disposable V2 Mask (x18)

Hans Rudolph 6450 Series Disposable Thermoplastic V2™ Oro-Nasal Mask is the latest in Single Patient Use face piece design from Hans Rudolph. Moulded of a clear thermoplastic elastomer, the anatomically shaped design aids in a leak free comfortable fit. New FIVE Strap adjustable headgear design. Custom mask adapters are designed and manufactured to mate most any component or flow meter. Two-Way Non-Rebreathing valves are available for this face mask. Five sizes available.


Hans Rudolph 6450 Disposable V2 Mask

Application & Fitting

  1. Determine patient mask size with optional Mask Sizing Gauge (fig1)
  2. Place mask over patient’s nose and mouth (1). Chin should fit into mask chin cup portion with top of mask sealing area on the bridge of the nose.
  3. Slide headgear over patient’s head (2) with one of the lower quick release strap clips disconnected. Reconnect headgear strap clip after headgear is mounted (3). Bottom straps should be positioned below ears and top straps above ears and below eyes.
  4. Adjust headgear strap tension by pulling slightly away from the face on strap end hook sections until tension is evenly distributed at all four straps with mask snug but comfortable (4 & 5). The strap clips lock and hold the position of the strap. To loosen the straps pull up on the back of the clip. Attach hook ends to the headgear fabric to keep the ends attached and out of the way. Adjust straps at crown of head by pulling each in opposite direction until reaching the required tension then connect VelcroTM (6).
  5. Push the flow meter patient side into the port opening in the flexible mask adapter

Disassembly for Cleaning

  1. Separate headgear from mask
  2. Separate mask adapter from mask
  3. Do not remove the upper and lower plastic braces (headgear attachment) from the mask face piece

Cleaning Mask face piece and Mask Adapter

  1. Soak components for 5 minutes in warm water with mild detergent (neutral pH)
  2. Hand wash components with sponge or soft brush; then rinse with warm tap water
  3. Place components in warm water bath and agitate for two minutes
  4. Rinse in clean tap water for at least 1 minute
  5. Allow components to completely air dry or dry with clean, lint free cloth

Cleaning Headgear

  1. Submerge headgear in warm soapy tap water; gently rub all areas
  2. Rinse in clean tap water for 1 minute or until all soap is removed; air dry
  3. Precaution: Do not use bleach, chlorine or alcohol based solutions to clean mask or headgear. These solutions can damage components. Direct sunlight exposure on mask and headgear components can cause deterioration and reduce product life. Inspection Visually inspect all components for cleanliness, function and defects. If there are any residues, stains or organic debris then repeat the previous steps. Dispose of all defective parts.


  1. Install flexible mask adapter into face mask port opening with the mask adapter flanges placed on the inside and outside of the mask port opening. This may require some stretching and pulling to completely install the mask adapter such that the flanges are fully engaged and not disfigured.
  2. Mount headgear to the face piece with the snap-in quick release clips.

Functional Check

  1. Mask adapter flanges should be stretched to fit snug without disfiguration on either side of the mask port opening. Do not use if the mask adapter is not completely engaged in the mask port opening.
  2. For function test hold palm of hand over the outlet of the mask adapter and create a slight positive pressure inside the mask by exhaling gently. If you detect a leak, reposition the mask or adjust straps tension. If leak continues regardless of adjustments try the next smaller size mask.
  3. Push the patient port side of the flow meter into the flexible mask adapter. It should fit snug and not fall out without significant pulling.
  4. Do not use if it is non-functional


Treat as conventional solid waste in accordance with local and federal regulations

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