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The Cortex MetaLyzer 3B – R3

Portable Breath-by-Breath system

The Cortex MetaLyzer 3B-R3 is a portable high resolution Metabolic analyser with Breath-by-Breath technology. The system allows a complete medical analysis of the functionality of a person’s lung, heart and metabolism at rest and under stress.

Measure what matters to you

Whether in the fitness club or the doctor’s office, whether in the hospital or the Olympic test center, use the METALYZER 3B together with the powerful application software MetaSoft Studio to exploit the full potential of a Metabolic analyser.

Take it with you

Due to its low weight and compact dimensions, the Cortex MetaLyzer 3B can be easily transported from one measuring station to the next. The device comes supplied with the Aluminium carry case as pictured, giving you one place to keep everything and easily transport from location to location.  Perhaps you have labs running in different buildings, or need to travel from place to place to meet a client – the Cortex MetaLyzer is able to quickly break down and pack up.

Remarkably low maintenance

The Cortex MetaLyzer has been designed in such a way that helps minimise calibration and maintenance. A 2-part Gas sensor calibration is only required once every 28 days and the volume sensor comes pre-calibrated*. The only other thing you need to do is clean and sterilise between tests.


*Cortex Disposable Turbines are single use, pre-calibrated. Also available is a Re-useable turbine, requiring calibration with a 3L Syringe each test.

What is the Cortex difference?

Founded in 1991 Cortex Biophysik is THE expert in spiroergometry* and in mobile respiratory gas analysis. The outstanding quality of CORTEX products and services is the key factor of our success and represents a central brand promise. Since being founded over 30 years ago, we stand for: “Fast realisation of innovative ideas, supported by excellent services, now and in the future”.

Dedicated UK Support team

Cortex is located in Leipzig, Germany and have been represented in the UK & Ireland by Cranlea Human Performance Ltd since 1992. Cranlea Human Performance Ltd have a wealth of experience in various market sectors, helping provide customers with truly usable data that drives performance, fitness and health. Our support team are on hand to help you get the most from your device and answer any queries along the way. Contact us here.

Cortex MetaLyzer 3B-R3 – The Lab Based, Respiratory Gas Analysis Workhorse

The MetaLyzer 3B-R3 can be used in various ways thanks to its numerous hardware and software options. Its scope ranges from a spiroergometric measuring station for performance diagnostics up to a complete cardiopulmonary solution.

The Cortex MetaLyzer interfaces to numerous types of ECGs. Giving you flexibility of choice when buying new or even using an existing device that you might already own. USB or Bluetooth connections to PC gives you a wide choice over connecting to external devices.

LED status indicators on the front of the Cortex MetaLyzer 3B-R3 give you instant visual feedback as to the status of a connection. Push-pull connectors protecting against reverse polarity and accidental damage, reducing system downtime and repair costs.

Handy calibration gas cartridges and on-demand valve ensure correct dosage of calibration gas needed for calibration.

Flow sensor options

Cortex present two options when it comes to measuring Ventilation, choose from either; Triple ‘V’ Reusable Turbine or a Disposable Turbine. At point of purchase you must choose which option you would prefer, at a later date you can choose the alternative flow sensor if required.

What’s included in the Standard package?

– 1x MetaLyzer® 3B (R3) stationary CPET-system
– 1x O2 sensor
– 1x Volume flow sensor (with disposable turbines)
– 1x Bluetooth® Smart HR sensor set H10
– 1x Mirco USB Bluetooth® adaptor
– 1x USB/Serial cable, 3 m
– 1x CORTEX face mask set (S, M) incl. 2 adaptor
– 1x Adult head cap assembly
– 1x Sample line with nafion tube, 2m
– 1x Power cord
– 1x MetaSoft® Studio software
– 1x MSS Interpretation Assistant by Wasserman
– 1x Operation manual
– 1x Carrying case

Modular Accessories

METALYZER 3B-R3 is a future-proof system with hardware and software options allows you to grow your system in stages, giving you flexibility of managing costs and by having the most complete or basic package that you need.

These options include; Computer, Trolley, Calibration Kit, ECG, Blood Pressure, SPO2, Non-Invasive Cardiac Output, Software expansions.

Maximum value for money

The Cortex MetaLyzer 3B-R3 has an inbuilt Oxygen Sensor, this will need replacing periodically (roughly every 18 months). Cortex have made this process as easy as possible and can be done the user, no need to send it back to Cranlea or the manufacturer. This significantly reduces downtime and gives you the freedom to use your device as effectively as possible.

Long calibration intervals mean your device needs less maintenance. Reducing your running costs of calibration gas and the time required to do this.

All consumables for Cortex devices can be found in our webstore.

MetaSoft Studio

The beating heart of all Cortex systems is the software, MetaSoft Studio. It manages and monitors all processes of Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing and controls all peripheral systems such as; Heart Rate, Blood Pressure and Ergometers, amongst other measurement systems.

Intuitive Workflows

MetaSoft Studio allows users to easily perform an exercise test in a simple, step by step way through guided workflows. These simple, repeatable steps make learning how to use MetaSoft Studio easy. Allowing you more time to spend testing and less time on staff training.

Customisable Graphical display

Useful graphical displays make it easy to evaluate the measurement data. The user can select from different display options or configure the display of test data according to his or her preferences. Reporting functions allow you to display the test results in a clearly structured form.

Further expand MetaSoft Studio to suit your needs


All Cortex products for CPET can be used as spirometers. The software features basic Spirometry functionality as part of MetaSoft Studio. Allowing you to perform a Maximum Flow Volume loop prior to testing.

The MetaSoft Studio Spirometry module allows for further spirometry evaluation of a test subject. It is possible to perform spirometry tests at rest such as VC, FVC and MVV tests independently. The validation criteria of the individual manoeuvres are compliant with the ATS criteria and the available standard values for spirometry naturally include ‘LLN – Lower Limit of Normal and ‘Z-Score’.

Energy Metabolism for CPET

A well-functioning energy metabolism is the prerequisite for any type of performance. A person’s metabolism can easily be improved by well-balanced training units. This license provides you with all values of energy expenditure and indirect calorimetry during a CPET-Test. The variables fat, carbohydrates and proteins are available for live display during exercise and the according analysis.

Basal and Resting Metabolic Rate

With this license you can measure either basal or resting metabolic rate. A specially created module provides appropriate standard values, as well as other settings such as different calculations methods for BMR/RMR or steady state conditions. A pie chart of substrate utilization and live steady state bars during
test allow easy individual analysis.

Performance Assessment

This option gives you an inter- and intra individual assessment of your client’s performance. Both comparisons (one to reference values and the other to the own performance) will be provided in easy to understand reports.

Furthermore, you will obtain very precise and individual heart rate training zones for your client. Ten (10) predefined modules plus free configurable training zones based on both ventilation threshold VT1 and VT2 may be created.

Exercise Scheduler

The Exercise Scheduler is built up on the “PA and Heart rate full training zones.” There are extensive tools at your disposal to create individual endurance-oriented micro-cycle, meso-cycle and macrocycle
training plans. Numerous exercise schedule templates are included in the package. Moreover, you can freely create and edit your own templates.

Note: The license ‘MSS Performance Assessment’ is mandatory to acquire the ‘MSS Exercise Scheduler’.

6 Minute Walk Test

This license allows the 6-minute-walk-test (6MWT) within MetaSoft Studio. The 6MWT can be performed as a stand-alone or complex test in combination with a CPET test. Corresponding standard values are stored. In addition, each round and minute values can be compared to norm values or the oxygen uptake to the VO2max can be considered in the analysis.

Pre-operative Risk Assessment

The Pre-operative risk assessment module has a semi-automatic results interpretation features, especially designed in collaboration with Paul Older to evaluate risk relating to surgery. A 4-step-interpretation will help to objectively understand the surgical risk and is a tool for hospitals to derive an appropriate perioperative management plan with help of CPET results.

Hardware Options for the Cortex MetaLyzer 3B-R3

Calibration Kit

Every Cortex device requires periodic calibration to ensure consistency or measurement. Our calibration kit includes two small bottles of calibration gas, an “on-demand” regulator, barometer and carry bag as a minimum. Should you be using the re-usable Triple V Turbine, the calibration kit will also include a 3L Volume Syringe. Otherwise, this is not required as the disposable turbines are pre-calibrated and disposed of after use. Checkout our calibration kit here.

Battery Option

With the built-in battery option and a runtime of 12 hours the Cortex MetaLyzer 3B-R3 can be used in a semi-mobile environment, e.g. with notebook in hospital for RMR measurement, in gyms or big labs with multiple ergometers.

Spirometry Kit

The Spirometry Kit includes the MetaSoft Studio Spirometry Licence, a handle to hold the Opto-electronics/Volume Turbine and 1 x box of bacterial and viral filters. Eliminating the need to sterilise or discard (if using disposable) the turbine after each test.

Trolley and PC

The Cortex Mobile Plus is an ergonomic trolley for the use of a Cortex MetaLyzer 3B-R3 system with a desktop computer. Available in two models depending on whether you are working with a single or a dual monitor setup. We recommend a dual monitor setup when combining the Cortex MetaLyzer 3B-R3 with an ECG system, allowing the using to have an uninterrupted view of ECG and CPET data at once.

The Cortex Mobile Plus trolley features a large pull out drawer to keep all accessories in a convenient place. Below the drawer are two adjustable straps perfect for holding a bottle of calibration gas or a volume syringe.

Ergometer or Treadmill

Whether you need an Ergometer or Treadmill we have a whole range of products compatible with MetaSoft Studio that powers the Cortex MetaLyzer 3B-R3.


The Cortex MetaLyzer 3B-R3 can be extended for use with fully integrated ECG devices manufactured by Custo Med GmbH. Custo Med offer both a Wireless (by data transmission) or Suction Electrode system. Both ECG options feature full 12 channel PC ECG with USB and Bluetooth® interface for Resting and Stress ECG.

Hemodynamics – PhysioFlow Enduro

The PhysioFlow® Enduro is a high-resolution impedance cardiography device. With this device, the user has the capability to determine  cardiological parameters such as cardiac output, stroke volume or ejection fraction. The measurement is performed under non-invasive, continuous conditions and independent of patient participation, both at rest and under stress.

Blood Pressure – Metronik BL-6

The METRONIK BL-6 is a robust, easy to use blood pressure device with very high reliability. It is designed for the measurement of non-invasive blood pressure in most applications. Use of the Metronik BL-6 is only possible when combined with the Stationary Kit.

The Metronik BL-6 features the most advanced Blood Pressure Cuff you can buy thanks to each cuff having a removable bladder with in-built microphone, thus allowing for the cuff to be washed between uses. Learn more about the Metronik BL-6 here.


The Cortex MetaLyzer 3B-R3 is compatible with the Nonin WristOx2 3150 Bluetooth Low Energy. The Wrist-Worn, Wireless OEM Pulse Oximeter integrates seemlessly with MetaSoft Studio to provide users with real time Pulse Oximetry data.

Staff Training

We believe in continued training to help you get the most from you device. After all, the Cortex MetaLyzer 3B-R3 is a large investment so why not make sure you are getting the most from your device? Having been a Cortex distributor for over 30 years, Cranlea have a vast array of experience, working in various sectors and with users from little to lots of experience. We’re confident that regardless of your level of experience we can help improve your workflow and get even more from your device.

Enquire HERE to see how we can help you.

Service & Warranty

Worldwide, the “Made in Germany“ label stands for quality and a promise of guarantee. CORTEX feel committed to these values and keep this promise every day. All Cortex products are manufactured with precision to ensure reliability in all applications.

The Cortex MetaMax 3B-R2 is considered almost maintenance free from a day to day perspective, with a gas calibration only mandated once every 4 weeks. However, whilst the device has been manufactured to high standards it is recommended that an annual service is carried out. The Cranlea service team has many years experience working with Cortex devices and can validate your system on-site. Contact our service team here.

All Cortex products are supplied with a 12 month warranty as standard, extendable for up to 5 years. Contact our sales team for the benefits that come with extended warranty programmes.

Do you have any questions about Cortex MetaLyzer 3B-R3?

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