iCool IcePod Duo

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iCool IcePod Duo

The Next Generation of affordable Ice Bath Therapy

A duo set up of the popular Icool Icepod allows you to run two pools at the same time using any combination your require. One cold and one hot, two hot, or two cold, it’s entirely up to you to make the perfect recovery session.

Use with water and ice or connect to any iCool portable chiller/heater

The IcePod Duo can simply just be used with ice and water, however you also have the choice to use it alongside a Icool Chiller for the ultimate Ice Bath experience.

The iCool IcePod Duo has been built using indestructible materials, meaning it is super strong and made to last. The Icool Duo is supplied with an external interlocking non-slip step system, along with internal steps to help make it safe and easy for the athletes to enter and vacate the Pod. Metal hose connections are also included making it possible to connect the Pods to any iCool chiller or heating machine.

Made to fit 4 – 6 People.

It’s the perfect low cost & fully automatic recovery centre!

IcePod Duo Features:

Both identical Pods are durable and robust and can handle temperatures down to 5ºC. The iPod Duo is supplied with an interlocking step system, along with internal steps to make entering and vacating the pods easy and safe to do so.

Quick and Easy Installation

The iCool icePod Duo has been designed with easy transport and easy installation in mind. The interlocking step system allows for assembly within seconds. When your recovery session has finished, the added connectors make it easy to empty the water and disconnect the IcePod, so you can then place it anywhere you need to.

Just Add Ice

Unpack the pools, place them on a level surface, add water and ice and you have the easiest cold water therapy set up anywhere you want. All iCool plunge pods can be used with just ice.iCool Compact XP Dual Temp

Automatic Chilling

With the ability to connect to our Compact Cooling Units, you won’t have to worry about lugging around bags of ice; connect a Compact cooling unit to your pool, set the temperature and the unit does the rest! After an intense training session it’s important to give our bodies an opportunity to recuperate. For those athletes between events during a competition—it’s likely they’ll need to facilitate a more rapid-than-usual recovery. The iCool systems speed up the process by mitigating inflammation and delayed-onset muscle pain. Not only does ice bath submersion improve recovery from exercise-induced muscle injury—it also helps to repair damage associated with intense physical training.

All iCool baths come with water outlets for connection to any of our Compact range of cooling units. Complete hose set and industrial water pump are included when ordered together.

*Cooling unit sold separately

Optional Extras:

IcePod Duo Lids

Add a perfectly fitting safety lids for child safety, to keep water clean in dusty areas. If you have chosen to heat your Pod, once your pool is warm, the lid acts as a heat shield to help retain your temperature, stopping up to 75% of heat loss. It will also stop around 95% of evaporation, reduce chemical consumption by half, and substantially reduce your power bill.

Compact Water Filter

The introductory model for small to medium-size filter units offers an economical and reliable solution for ice baths.  To maintain the water quality of your pool and keep your Compact system free of foreign debris, we recommend using the easy-to-use Compact Filter. Designed to protect your pump by filtering the water and keeping it clean and crystal clear.

The compact and light weight design are ideal for confined space setup and allows easy cleaning and easy replacement of the cartridge element. Fittings included to connect to any of our Compact cooling units.



Weight: 70kg

Width: 817mm Length (2 tubs + step unit) 2720mm

Height: (bath) 1130

Composition: Polyethylene Composite and Brass.

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