Lactate Plus Starter Bundle – Save 10%

£489.00 inc VAT (£407.50 + VAT)

Lactate Plus Starter Bundle – Saves 10% off individual prices

The Lactate Plus Starter Bundle is a complete starter set, with everything you need to start taking Blood Lactate measurements. 

Set includes: 

1x Lactate meter (with carry case)

2x Lactate test strips (25 box)

1x Lactate control solution level 1

1x Lactate control solution level 2

1x Box of safety lancets

1x 1L Sharps Bin

3x Box of 100 Blue Nitrile Gloves (Small, Medium and Large)


The Lactate Plus Starter Bundle includes:

1 x LACTATE PLUS METER – For effective Lactate Diagnostics

The Lactate Plus Meter is a portable, hand-held, compact, accurate lactate (LAC) meter. Used for evaluating physical performance and/or to establish proper intensity of exercise for athletes.

From Rest to Max performance

Device measuring range: 0,3 – 25 mM allowing for a full scope of analysis.

Save more time

Results available in only 13 seconds.

Small sample, less pain

Requires only 0,7 μl blood, that’s a tiny pin prick of blood needed. Our lancets produce a small, shallow and thin puncture wound meaning the site is less painful and heals quicker. This increases athletes tolerance to testing.

Long Life consumables

Lactate Plus Test Strips shelf life up to 24 months.

Easy to read

The large colour display makes reading measurements outdoors possible.

Clever device

Results are automatically stored in the internal memory, the device has space for up to 130 measurements across 10 user profiles.


Essential Consumable

Lactate Plus Test Strips are single-use devices that measure lactate in blood. To perform a test, insert a test strip into the Lactate Plus Test Meter and touch the strip to the whole blood sample. The result is available in 13 seconds and is automatically recorded into the meter’s memory.

Each vial contains 25 Test Strips with a shelf life between 12-24 months.


The Lactate Plus Control Solutions ensure the accurate operation of Lactate Plus. Quality Control testing is performed exactly the same as blood testing. The result is available in 13 seconds and is automatically recorded into the meter’s memory and allows for a complete verification of you system.

How frequently are you running control solutions through your device?

  • Before using your Lactate Plus Meter for the first time and at least once a week thereafter.
  • Each time you open a new vial of Lactate Plus Test Strips.
  • If you drop your Lactate Plus Meter.

Once opened, use within 3 months.


The Lactate Plus Safety Lancets are, single-use, 28-gauge lancets. They ensure safe, virtually pain-free sampling for use with Lactate Plus Meter.

Simple to use:

  • Prepare the sample site, with an alcohol wipe.
  • Twist off and discard lancet cap (Do not pull).
  • Press platform firmly against sample site, press release button.
  • Lancet will automatically retract into body of device.
  • Discard in a suitable sharps container.

200 Lancets per package


The Sparpsguard Yellow 1 Litre Sharps Bin is an essential item for safe disposal of sharps, needles, and other medical waste.

3 x BOX OF 100 BLUE NITRILE GLOVES (Small, Medium and Large)

Crafted with high-quality nitrile material, these gloves offer superior protection against chemicals, punctures, and contaminants.

Want to learn more about Blood Lactate Testing? Check out our Knowledge Hub


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