Replacement METRONIK BL-6 Cuff

£287.38 - £328.18 inc VAT (£239.48 - £273.48 + VAT)

Replacement METRONIK BL-6 Cuff

The cuff consists of cuff bladder (including microphone, microphone cable and connector, cuff tube and Quick Connect), handle, strap and cuff cover. If the sleeve cover is no longer usable as a result of contamination, material fatigue or worn out, it can be changed separately and the other components can still be used.

The most advanced Blood Pressure Cuff you can buy

The replacement Metronik BL-6 Cuffs are available in 4 different sizes:

Extra Small (19-26 cm)

Small (25-31 cm)

Medium (29-40 cm)

Large (38-52 cm)


Replacement METRONIK BL-6 Cuff

Fixing the cuff

Fit your patient with an appropriately sized cuff. For resting measurements you can easy measure over clothes, though never roll up or slide shirt blouse or sweater sleeves. This can impede blood flow, and hence results in wrong readings. Pull the sleeve tight, that there are no pleats behind the microphone. Measurement over clothes saves time and protects the cuff cover.

For use during exercise we recommend skin to cuff contact where possible, compression clothing/skin fit is also acceptable.

Positioning the microphone

While placing the cuff look for a good location and a good fit of the microphone. Position of microphone marker label at the inner side of upper arm between Biceps and Triceps. The microphone must perfectly be in contact with the body, the elbow must be completely free. There must be a two finger width clearance between elbow and the lower edge of the cuff.

Adjustable Cone adapts patient’s arm shape

The cuff is adaptable to most different upper arm shapes cylindrical to conical. Adjustment for conical upper arms by adjusting the angle of the D-ring in the cuff. You should leave around an fingers width gap at the top and bottom of the cuff once fitted.

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