Seca 878

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Seca 878

Flat Scales for mobile use

Due to the Seca 878’s extremely robust construction, the Seca 878 can do everything that a scale in mobile use should do and more!

Weighing only 4.1 kg, the Seca 878 is extremely mobile, making it easy for you to carry to your patients. It is also very simple to use, needing only the tips of your toes to operate it thanks to the two large push buttons on the rear of the unit.

The Seca 878 is very robust, equipped with a steel frame, so you don’t need to worry about it getting damaged in transit. It has a top-quality ribbed surface, extra-strength two-component ABS plastic and Plexiglass. Transport of the scales is made easy by the integrated handle.

Small Children and adults up to 200kg can be weighed accurately; the large levelling bases on the bottom keeps the scale stable on all types of flooring.

Who are Seca?

For over 175 years, Seca have been providing high-precision, timeless modern scales and measuring systems. Now in their fourth generation of family ownership, Seca still have excessive aspirations, attempting to come as close to perfection as possible everyday. Seca products are sold in 110 countries around the world and are an established, global Medtech market leader.

For over 40 years, Cranlea have been working with the UK Seca Branch and have built a strong relationship with their team. Our long-standing working relationship is testament to the high quality systems and devices available.

Seca 878 Features:

Simple Operation

The Seca 878 has two push buttons on the rear side of the scale that can be operated with just a tap of the toe, saving yourself or your patient having to repeatedly bend over when conducting one examination after another. Yet another labour saving feature is the mother/Child function; this allows the child to be weighed whilst being held in their mothers arms.

Great Stability 

Weighing only 4.1 kg, the Seca 878 is very light, but also very robust. Equipped with a Steel Frame, the scales also boats a top quality ribbed surface, extra strength two-component ABS Plastic, and Plexiglass. Especially large levelling bases keep the scale stable on all types of flooring, meaning small children and adults up to 200 kg can be weighed accurately.

Intelligent Details

The Seca 878 features a double display that allows the patient and medical personnel read the results from 2 seperate directions at the same time.

Easy Transportation

Transportation of the scales is made easy by the integrated handle and very low device weight of 4.1 kg. It can also be powered by either a power adapter or batteries, so you never need to worry about being close to a power outlet.

Optional Extras:

The Seca 878 can be combined with the Seca 217 Stadiometer with an adapter element, so you can then take both your patients weight and height at the same time. Paired together they are the perfect combination for mobile use.

The Seca 217 can be disassembled to be conveniently transported to any location, and it is then easily reassembled in just a few steps. There is also a Carry case to fit both the Seca 878 and Seca 217 in together, the Seca 414.

Technical Data


Capacity 200 Kg
Graduation 100g < 150 kg > 200 kg
Dimensions (WxHxD) 321 x 61 x 362 mm
Weight 4.1 kg
Power Supply Batteries (Or optional power adapter)


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