• Lode Esseda Wheelchair Ergometer

The Esseda is a wheelchair ergometer working according to the principles of inertia in order to simulate realistic wheelchair propulsion. The resistance of the ergometer can be adjusted to simulate surfaces with different friction or to create different test and training protocols. The ergometer is developed for easy access for all kind of wheelchairs, allowing athletes to use their own complete wheelchair.
Left / right independent speed and torque

The ergometer measures is not only the summation of left and right, but real left and right independent speed and torque. Differences between the left and right speed can be shown.

Force Measurement
The ergometer allows for measuring applied force on each hoop, provided that the correct diameter of the hoop is entered in Lode Ergometry Manager

Inertia Simulation
The ergometer can simulate inertia, independend of weight of the subject and the wheelchair. Through individual calibration each subject experiences real life wheeling circumstances. Surface resistance can be set!

Positioning Aid
Through an easy lever operated positioning system the wheels can be set correctly on the drive/brake rolls to ensure reproducible and reliable measurements

Fixation with Bruns Protectors
The subjects own wheelchair needs to be fixated on the ergometer. Therefore easy fixation with 4 Bruns Protectors is available standard with the product. Easy lock and easy release creates a safe test setup
Esseda Wheelchair ergometer

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Lode Esseda Wheelchair Ergometer

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