Lode Brachumera Sport with PFM

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Lode Brachumera Sport with Pedal Force Measurement (PFM)

The Gold Standard in Arm Ergometry since 2011

With its unbeatable accuracy and reliability, the Lode Brachumera Sport with PFM has proven itself as an essential part of a Sports Medicine or Research Laboratory, since it can be used to test all types of athletes.

The latest model of Lode Brachumera Sport with PFM is still true to its heritage, but combined with innovative new features to meet the latest and future requirements.

The ergometer is supplied with a 3.5″ display, Lode Ergometry Manager (LEM) and Computer as standard.

Extreme Workloads – 10 to 3000W

This extraordinary peak workload for testing the strongest athletes anaerobic power or isokinetic capacity. Combined with the low start workload of 10 Watts this ergometer will withstand anything that is thrown at it.

Power every 2° of Crank rotation

Highly specific strain gauges in the crank axis of the Lode Excalibur Sport with PFM make it possible to measure the pedal force every 2 degrees during each pedal revolution.

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What makes a Lode Ergometer?

The eddy current electro-magnetic braking mechanism is synonymous to all Lode Ergometers. Eddy current braking systems offer quiet, smooth, precise and adjustable control. Through design, this allows control of the workload without the need for physical contact between brake pads and the flywheel, reducing wear and tear.

High standards

Lode is a socially and environmentally responsible company. All Lode products are RoHS/WEE compliant and Lode is ISO 9001:2003, ISO 13485:2008 and FDA 510K certified. All medical products comply to MDD 93/42/EEC, incl. IEC 60601-1.

Lode Brachumera Sport with Pedal Force Measurement – The Ultimate Arm Ergometer

The Lode Brachumera Sport with PFM has an adjustable workload of 10 to 3000 watts. This offers an enormous working range for test subjects of all strengths and abilities. The communication and network module built into the Lode Brachumera Sport PFM will easily connect with our range of Cortex Metabolic devices or ECG devices and Lode’s own Ergometry Manager Software (LEM).

The Lode Brachumera Sport with PFM ergometer is supplied with a 3.5″ control unit, LEM and LEM PFM software (various modules are available) and a computer (we recommend to use this PC only for the LEM software). NB: The product images displayed include the 7″, optional touchscreen.

Superbly Accurate

Workload below 100w – Accurate within 2W

Workload between 100w – 1500w – Accurate within 2%

Workload between 1500w – 3000w – Accurate within 5%

Designed to be sweat-proof

The housing of the ergometer is designed in such way that sweat cannot drip into the mechanical parts and cables are protected. This ensures a long lifetime and makes the ergometer insensitive for malfunction. That being said, all surfaces on the Lode Brachumera Sport with PFM are easily wipeable thanks to their gloss finish. Use a lightly moistened cloth with a non-abrasive, soap or disinfectant. Cleaning agents containing alcohol or caustic components may damage and/or discolour surfaces.

Calibration and Maintenance

The ergometer should be calibrated and serviced once per year. Our team of experienced engineers, use our dedicated Lode calibrator to check the ergometers power output at a variety of power increments and cadences. Giving you peace of mind that the ergometer is fully functional and as accurate as the day it left the factory.

Versatile data and ergometer management with – LEM 10

The Lode Ergometry Manager (LEM) is a software package used for controlling Lode ergometers and comes supplied as standard with the Lode Brachumera Sport with PFM.

Easily create and edit protocols

The software enables the operator to program protocols, control ergometers, visualise, save and analyse ergometry data and print customised reports in PDF. Commonly used bicycle protocols are pre programmed as standard.

The program also provides a patient database and the possibility to connect to a SQL server or the Hospital Information System (HIS) with HL7. LEM 10 is also backwards compatible with previous versions, allowing you import and use your existing database easily.

Expand LEM 10 to suit your needs

LEM 10 can be extended with various modules, each with its specific functions and visualisations. The Lode Ergometry Manager can be used for testing and training in several rehabilitation settings, sports medicine, physiotherapy and research environments.

Wingate Test Module – For explosive power assessment

The Wingate test is a 30 seconds enduring sprint test in which the torque is kept at a constant rate depending on the bodyweight of the test subject. With this option we obtain online information about anaerobic capacity and power. The data is corrected for the moment of inertia to give you the realistic information about the power output (depending on the acceleration of the test person).

In LEM 10 it is possible to compare different software versions (algorithms to correct the moment of inertia) with each other. It is also possible to adapt the pre programmed Wingate test to your specific requirements. Create different, multiple Wingate tests to define the optimum settings and save special Wingate views for testing and analysis.

Besides the rpm dependent and rpm independent modes of the ergometer, the Wingate software gives you a constant torque mode.

Åstrand Module – Estimation of VO2 max

The LEM Expansion Module Åstrand Test is a pre programmed test protocol of the well known Åstrand test with specific visualisations, analysis and reports. It is also possible to adapt the pre programmed Åstrand test to your specific requirements.

Architect Module – User specific, decision making – custom protocols


With this expansion module you can create completely versatile protocols, including defining your own outputs and formula’s.

The module is defined in such a way that you can create steps in a graphical way. To show the versatility of Architect, several well known protocols are included, which would not be possible to create without the Architect module because certain decisions and loopings are built-in into the protocols.

In the example to the left, at the start of the protocol stage LEM is asked a question based on HR of the test subject. If HR is below 120 bpm, we add 75 watts additional load, if it is between 120bpm – 134 bpm we add 50 watts additional load, if it is greater than 135 bpm we add 25 watts. Then we wait 180 seconds, after which the load is set to 25 watts, for another 120 seconds.

At this point, we ask LEM what the HR of the test subject is, if it is below 150 bpm they stay at 25 watts load until you decide they exit to protocol. For a HR of higher than 150 bpm, they automatically are removed from the loop and move to the next stage – recovery for example.




Export Module – Export to Excel

With the LEM expansion module Export it is possible to export data of the LEM database to other programs. The data can be exported to MS Excel. Data of one test subject or multiple test subjects can be exported to an Excel sheet for further analysis.

Further Options for the Lode Brachumera Sport with PFM include:

Adjustable wall fixation for Lode Brachumera Sport with PFM

Adjustable Wall fixation for Lode Brachumera Sport with PFM that allows for almost force free lifting of the ergometer over a range of 60 cm. It enables arm ergometry in both standing and seated position.

Stand for Lode Brachumera Sport with PFM

Stand available for adjustable wall fixation kit, enables arm ergometry in both standing and seated position. Can only be used with the adjustable wall fixation kit, as above.

The maximum weight of the test person including wheelchair on the Lode Brachumera stand is 400kg and is constructed in such a way that it can easily withstand the force a test person during pedalling.

Electric adjustable chair for arm ergometer

Adjustable reclining chair to be placed in front of the Lode Brachumera Sport with PFM. The back support of the chair is adjustable in the range of 85° – 145°. The horizontal position of the chair can be fully automatically adjusted.

NB: If the chair is going to be used in combination with an adjustable wall fixation without a stand, we recommend ordering the floor fixation set additionally.

Adjustable Cranks

Adjustability of the cranks allows for optimal force application of different limb lengths and helps tailor the ergonomics of the ergometer to best fit the test subject. The cranks are adjustable in the range of 80 – 180 mm, in steps of 5 mm. This option will be supplied instead of the standard cranks and allows you to replicate road bike ergonomics.

7″ Colour Touchscreen

The 7″ Colour Touchscreen is available in two models, Standard and Programmable. Both models of 7″ touchscreen further enhance the capability of the Lode Brachumera Sport with PFM by allowing the ergometer to be used as a standalone piece of equipment in manual mode.

In manual mode, the Lode Brachumera Sport PFM can be used in Hyperbolic (rpm independent), Linear (rpm dependent) and Fixed Torque (rpm dependent) modes. In addition there is also an option for Manual with Target, which allows for manual control set by time, distance or energy target – if purchased, this can also be controlled via Heart Rate (HR). By where a desired HR range is set and the ergometer will control the power output, to keep the test subject within the defined HR range.

The program function enables testing and training on Lode devices with a controlled change in workload during exercise. Protocols manage the load during exercise in steps, ramps or even a heart rate controlled function without having to change this manually. Defining the protocols beforehand not only provides a controlled workload but also gives room to focus on the test subjects during exercise. Up to 50 protocols can be programmed.

Heart Rate

This option gives the heart rate in beats per minute on the touchscreen display and offers the possibility of heart rate controlled testing. The test person wears a belt with a sensor. NB this can only be ordered in combination with the (Programmable) 7″ touchscreen.



Product length  114 cm
Product width 59 cm
Product height 51 cm
Product weight 65 kg

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