Cortex Meta Control 3000

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Cortex Meta Control 3000


The Cortex Meta Control 3000 connects the CORTEX METALYZER 3B to the successful 12 channel ECG offered by Custo med. This optimally adjusted and compatible system ensures convenient and easy-to-use cardiopulmonary diagnostics. Supplied as standard with a Lode Corival CPET Ergometer.

Aside from the measurement systems, the components delivered comprise a powerful computer with peripherals and the software; MetaSoft Studio and Custo Diagnostic. If desired, the devices can be integrated with SPO2, Blood Pressure, and Treadmills.


  • Breath-by-Breath technology
  • Synchronized bidirectionally to the ECG device
  • Proven high accuracy and reliability
  • Easy to operate, completely controlled by MetaSoft® Studio
  • Easy and comfortable calibration
  • Low operating costs

Mask with volume sensor

  • Special CORTEX mask in different sizes ensures high wearing comfort
  • With perfect functionality and fit
  • Extremely durable, easy to handle and high-resolution sensor

CORTEX mobile PLUS Cart – Dual Monitor

  • Sturdy construction
  • Resistant against disinfectants and solvents
  • Power column with integrated cable ducts
  • incl. TFT-Dual Monitor Bracket (up to 24″ monitor) to have CPET data on one screen and ECG on the other

12-channel PC ECG

  • 12-channel ECG device, choose from either clip electrodes (cardio 300) or vacuum application system (cardio 400)
  • PC controlled stress ECG process means error free routine
  • ST monitoring of all channels during stress testing provides additional safety
  • Final report facilitates rapid and precise data analysis
  • Impressive signal quality and hygienic conditions at highest level
  • Digital pacemaker detection
  • Reduction of movement artefacts by ECG amplification and digitalisation directly with the patient

MetaSoft Studio Software

  • Comfortable entry of necessary patient data
  • Prepared special workload ramp profiles to perform pre-operative assessment tests – easy to adapt individually
  • Specialized in pre-operative assessment data presentation in real-time and for evaluation
    Complementary and synchronized to stress ECG software
  • Completely customizable
    Provides various possibilities beyond the standard

Custo Diagnostic Software

  • Optimum integration of all system components
  • Flexible connection to medical data management systems
  • Uniform and intuitive user interfaces save time

Calibration Kit

  • Calibration Syringe, 3l
  • Calibration Gas Bottle 110l x 2
  • Gas-on-Demand Valve
  • Barometer

Cortex Meta Control 3000


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