Cortex MetaMax 3B-R2

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CORTEX METAMAX 3B-R2 for Mobile Metabolic Testing 

The Cortex MetaMax 3B-R2 is a portable metabolic analyser designed for professional outdoor use and to be worn by the test subject, to meet your needs, regardless of how exceptional these might be. Be it in the air, in the water or near Fire!

Greater mobility, greater functionality

The Cortex MetaMax 3B-R2 is equipped with the latest Bluetooth transmission technology, providing extraordinary data security and long battery life. It represents a totally new dimension of professional performance diagnostics.

Convenience at your fingertips

Operational via touch buttons on the device or through a laptop running the MetaSoft Studio software or Remote Control Tablet. All test data is stored on the devices internal memory, so should you lose connection to your device – your data is safely stored.


Experience an impressive range.

The Cortex MetaMax 3B-R2 has new Long Range, Bluetooth technology allowing for much more stable data transmission with maximum ranges of more than 1,000 m. Even in densely populated regions with high exposure to electromagnetic fields, the new technology strongly increases the robustness against such disturbing factors.

Therefore reliable transmission of all test data between MetaMax 3B-R2 and the Metasoft Studio software is ensured over considerably longer distances.

The new CORTEX Remote Control

The new touch-screen Remote Control from CORTEX allows you to see MetaMax 3B-R2’s essential measuring data such as heart rate, oxygen uptake, carbon dioxide output, respiratory exchange ratio, breathing rate, tidal volume, minute volume, velocity and load during a field test on a handy device.

This way, you constantly receive valuable feedback from MetaMax 3B-R2 without having to take along a PC or laptop. You also have the option to use the Remote Control to carry out all calibrations required in the field test.

One device. Double benefit.

Using the optional stationary kit, the new MetaMax 3B-R2 can be enhanced to a full stationary system. In this case, electricity is supplied via an external medical power unit. Thanks to an extended sample line, the MetaMax 3B-R2 used in the lab must not be fixed on the body. This way you will have twice the benefit and it is 100% compatible to your test setup.

Stable connections / no mixing-up.

Due to new push pull connectors the connecting of cables is easy. Cables cannot be mixed up. The connectors have different colours and mechanical codes to ensure that they are not interchanged by mistake. The new design prevents damage of the contact pins and the special locking mechanism guarantees reliable cable connections.

Measuring 3-channel-ECG functions wirelessly.

With the 3-channel ECG belt Custo Guard from Custo Med we offer you special user-friendly and secure 3-channel ECG measuring during stress tests with MetaMax 3B-R2. The ECG is carried out via by a  modern chest strap that has the electrodes built into it.

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