Demand Flow Regulator

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Demand Flow Regulator

The best and most accurate way to calibrate your gas sensors – Calibration simplified.

Our Demand flow regulator for use with instruments containing internal sample pumps, such as the Cortex MetaLyzer 3B-R3, Cortex MetaMax 3B-R2 or Servomex analysers. For use with all 110 litre cylinders.

Demand Flow Regulator

The intended use of the Demand Flow Regulator is to provide a flow of gas of between 0 and 3 litres per minute to a variety of gas detection instruments fitted with an internal pump to draw gas from the cylinder.

When calibration is complete, disconnect any tubes before attempting to remove the regulator from the cylinder.

Upon removal of the regulator from the cylinder, a slight ‘hiss’ of gas may be heard as the pressure in the head space of the regulator is released. This is entirely normal and disconnection should take place in a well-ventilated area.

Storage and shelf life

Regulators are sensitive, precision engineered products and should be treated with care and avoid damage by misuse or dropping from even small heights. They should be stored in their original box and replaced regularly according to a maximum of two years from the initial first use date.

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