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Lode Corival Recumbent Rehab – Reliable Cycle Ergometry

The Lode Corival Recumbent Rehab is a special product from our Corival line. The Lode Corival is one of the most popular ergometers worldwide, with a proven track record of accuracy, quiet operation and low start-up load of 7 Watts, it isn’t hard to see why.

Easy ergonomics

The latest design of the Lode Corival Recumbent Rehab ergometer offers ergometry testing for test subjects up to 300 kg! Easy positioning and access is guaranteed with the electrically adjusted seat and adjustable handgrips, next to the seat. The back support is fully adjustable too and can be positioned completely flat.

With it’s 512mm wide seat and high user capacity, this ergometer can be used for patients of all demographics for rehabilitation purposes.

Clear Screen

The Corival Recumbent Rehab is standard supplied with a 7″ touchscreen control unit, allowing you to read out important parameters such as, workload, rpm and time.

Perfect fit for a rehab setting

With its easy ergonomics and simple adjustment, the Lode Corival Recumbent Rehab makes working with patients easy. The large 7″ touchscreen control unit is easy and intuitive to use, allows for manual control of the ergometer modes and workload.

What makes a Lode Ergometer?

The eddy current electro-magnetic braking mechanism is synonymous to all Lode Ergometers. Eddy current braking systems offer quiet, smooth, precise and adjustable control. Through design, this allows control of the workload without the need for physical contact between brake pads and the flywheel, reducing wear and tear.

High standards

Lode is a socially and environmentally responsible company. All Lode products are RoHS/WEE compliant and Lode is ISO 9001:2003, ISO 13485:2008 and FDA 510K certified. All medical products comply to MDD 93/42/EEC, incl. IEC 60601-1.

Perfect for Rehab setting

The Lode Corival Recumbent Rehab workload is adjustable in 1 watt increments and in the range of 7 to 1000 watts. This offers a wide working range for test subjects of all strengths and abilities. The built in network module allows the Lode Corival Recumbent Rehab to be connected to the Lode Cardiac Rehab Manager Software, Lode Rehab Manager or the Lode Ergometry Manager. These software platforms are optimised for the environment they serve, maximising the effectiveness of the patient session.

The ultralow step-through enables easy access to the ergometer and combined with the electrically adjusted saddle, the patient can be easily positioned.

The Lode Corival Recumbent Rehab has a maximum user weight of 300 kg.


Workload below 100w – Accurate within 3W

Workload between 100w – 500w – Accurate within 3%

Workload between 500w – 1000w – Accurate within 5%

Easy to Clean

All surfaces on the Lode Corival Recumbent Rehab are easily wipeable thanks to their gloss finish. Use a lightly moistened cloth with a non-abrasive, soap or disinfectant. Cleaning agents containing alcohol or caustic components may damage and/or discolour surfaces.

Calibration & Maintenance

The ergometer should be calibrated and serviced once per year. Our team of experienced engineers, use our dedicated Lode calibrator to check the ergometers power output at a variety of power increments and cadences. Giving you peace of mind that the ergometer is fully functional and as accurate as the day it left the factory.

Further Options include:

Add Programmer features to 7″ Touchscreen Control Unit

The program function enables testing and training on Lode devices with a controlled change in workload during exercise. Protocols manage the load during exercise in steps, ramps or even a heart rate controlled function without having to change this manually. Defining the protocols beforehand not only provides a controlled workload but also gives room to focus on the test subjects during exercise. Up to 50 protocols can be programmed.

Heart Rate

This option gives the heart rate in beats per minute on the touchscreen display and offers the possibility of heart rate controlled testing. The test person wears a belt with a sensor. NB this can only be ordered in combination with the (Programmable) 7″ touchscreen.

Blood Pressure

The blood pressure monitor is designed for blood pressure measurements during physical activity. Thanks to mechanical and electrical filtering, the BP readings remain reliable even during high load exercise tests. For both stress and resting BP reading, the original auscultatory Korotkov / Riva-Rocci method is used.

Thanks to a built-in speaker, original Korotkoff sounds are clearly reproduced. An ECG trigger is not needed for reliable BP readings, although it is available if desired. Measurement time is very short (usually within 30 seconds) thanks to the rapid cuff inflation.

The blood pressure monitor can be used in 2 ways: Fully integrated control by all common ECG or CPET devices or as a stand alone device with automatic interval measurements.

Various Cuff sizes are available. The cuff is completely washable, thanks to the removeable microphone and inflation bag.

Assistive Start-up

The zero-watt startup option (purchased additionally) allows to you to start the ergometer without load at a preset pedal speed (between 30 – 60 rpm). With this option there is no energy-loss for the Test Subject due to the start-up phase. This is done via an electric motor and can only be used in conjunction with a 7″ touchscreen. It is not possible to combine the zero watt option with the electric saddle adjustment.

Adjustable Cranks

Adjustability of the cranks allows for optimal force application of different limb lengths and helps tailor the ergonomics of the ergometer to best fit the test subject. The cranks are adjustable in the range of 80 – 180 mm, in steps of 5 mm. This option will be supplied instead of the standard cranks.


This option gives the SpO2 on the display of the control unit of ergometers and can only be ordered in combination with the (Programmable) 7″ touchscreen.

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